Your ‘Juju’, drugs catching up with you – 2face’s brother fires back at Annie Idibia

Charles Idibia, brother of Innocent Idibia, also known as 2 Baba, has responded to Annie Idibia’s accusations that he lives in her house and insults her.

Annie had accused Charles of being lazy trying to suck his brother dry.

She wrote: “Living under my room and coming here to insult me ​​and my mother, he has seven children, but you are still trying to blow him dry! If trying to protect my husband and children makes me evil, so be it! “

The drama started after Annie called 2Baba about spending the night with her ex-lover, Pero.

She claimed that her husband’s baby mothers constantly use their children as an excuse for all kinds of garbage.

Annie also accused her husband of using his family to publicly disgrace her despite her resistance to support him all these years.

But in reacting, Charles denied the accusation and said he would continue to speak out against him if it helped 2Baba’s life.

She also alleged that Annie’s’ drugs and ‘juju’ were catching up with her.

He wrote on his Instagram: “Living under what roof? Now you have gone completely crazy. Your house that I, your husband’s only relative in Lagos, can’t spend two hours visiting without your mother acting like the world is ending. Just so you know that I visit for the kids. I visit them sometimes because they are both a boring bunch.

Keep up your lies and gather your sympathy group online. The truth will not be hidden forever.

“Respect? That went out the window a long time ago. God knows I’ve been nothing but respectful.

“Don’t talk, keep your family affair off social media. Is it until I’m dead? This isn’t me at all, but I’m ready to be this person if it’s going to help Inno’s life. The path of peaceful nature has clearly failed over the years. Let’s try this one. I’ll keep quiet for now out of respect for some people, but the truth will surely come out this time.

“Your juju and your drugs are finally catching up with you. These things never end well. Even your family has disowned you, that’s how terrible you are. All the public sympathy and lies won’t save you. Your mom who didn’t last a year at your dad’s house can live in your marital home since you got married to do juju, but juju never ends well. The truth never expires. “

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