Why 2baba’s silence over marital crisis is wrong, worrisome – Actor, Uche Maduagwu

Actor Uche Maduagwu has revealed why singer 2Face Idibia’s silence on his marital problems while his brother, Charles, continues to exchange words with his wife, Annie, on social media is wrong.

The actor, in a post via his Instagram account on Sunday, noted that 2baba’s silence on the issue only portrays him as a weak man who has no control over his home.

In addition, he pointed out that the singer’s silence is “totally worrying” and added that his brother had no right to disrespect his wife.

“Oga, your silence about the marriage crisis facing your home now is incorrect and troubling.

“Your brother has grown so many wings that now he exchanges words with your wife on social media, and yet you keep quiet?

“Are you no longer the head of your household or have you delegated your duties to Charles?

“Even if you have problems with your wife, does that give your younger brother the right to exchange words with the mother of your children?

“Where is the respect? How do you explain this to your children? I think they say silence is golden, but right now your silence portrays you as a weak man.

“I suggest you call your brother to order because he is a third party in your marriage. Whatever problem you have with your wife, call her and resolve it. For a woman to come out and scream like that, it simply means that she is suffering a lot, ”he wrote.

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