What Liquorose said about Angel to Boma

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate Liquorose has backed up Boma’s comment that Angel’s greatest achievement is BBNaija.

Liquorose said this Thursday night while discussing Angel and Boma’s altercation with him, Pere, and Tega.

Recall that Boma and Angel on Thursday night had a heated argument after he called her ‘kiss and tell’

In response, Angel said he never told anyone what happened between the two of them in the executive lounge and warned him to stay away from her in the house.

This quickly escalated when they insulted each other and Boma referred to her as someone who has a mental illness, adding that her greatest achievement is BBNaija.

However, after his boomplay assignment, Liquorose, while discussing the incident, said that Boma was right about Angel being a Nobody.

Also, she pointed out that it’s only because everyone is at Biggy’s house, adding that on a normal day, Angel can only talk to her through the comment section.

“It’s just because we are all in this house together. It’s a normal thing that everyone will want to talk to anyway and it’s okay.

“I remember when we walked into the house in the first week, she came to tell me that she is honored to be in the same house as me.

“But then I can remember the day that I had an altercation with her and she said some things to me and I am such a garbage. It is only because we are together in this house.

“It’s not like he’s trying to show off, but on a normal day he can’t see me anywhere outside the house, he can only talk to me through the comment section,” he said.

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