LeBron James ejected after bloodying Isaiah Stewart as Lakers, Pistons scuffle

LeBron James ejected after bleeding Isaiah Stewart as Lakers and Pistons battle |  Sport News

LeBron James threw a hay and was ejected from the Lakers’ game against the Pistons on Sunday night.

In the third quarter, James was ejected for a Flagrant 2 foul after James punched Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart hard following a foul shot. The hit sparked a feud between the Lakers and the Pistons.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that LeBron investigated where exactly Stewart was before throwing the strike. After the audit, LeBron was assessed a Flagrant 2, which represents heavy and superfluous contact to the head or neck area of ​​an opposing player.

Stewart was seeing red, both in a real sense and in a figurative sense, after the punch: the punch opened a cut near Stewart’s right eye, and blood was oozing from the cut. Stewart was not satisfied with the hit and continued to attack the Lakers multiple times, with his sights set on LeBron and point guard Russell Westbrook.

Stewart’s explosion caused a pitch. Westbrook was also evaluated as an expert on the play.

Stewart, the Pistons’ sophomore, was named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team for his efforts last season.

source: sport News