Tuface Idibia: If you want to live long, avoid women heavy on social media – Harrysong

Folk artist, Harrysong has gotten into the family crisis involving Tuface Idibia and his wife, Annie.

The internet on Friday morning went berserk after Annie dragged Tuface on social media for sleeping at her ex’s house despite everything that happened to him.

She claimed that Tuface’s family hated her and was trying to do everything in public to dishonor her.

Tuface’s brother, responding, told Annie to reveal the evidence of the wrongs her family had done to her.

According to him, Tuface is slowly dying and is not living a happy life.

Reacting on Instagram, Harrysong advised young men not to marry any woman who likes to post on social media especially.

According to him, this is the only way to have peace.

Her post read: “If you want to live a long time and have peace in your home when you are young, don’t marry a woman who weighs heavily on social media, who can’t have a description of what to post and what not to post because everything is turns into content for brands. “

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