The Best App To Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria Today- QXCHANGE

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The value of Bitcoin has risen sharply in recent years. Although it is still not widely accepted, some businesses and customers are beginning to accept bitcoin. However, if you find yourself able to do so, there are many strong considerations in converting bitcoin to naira. You can exchange Bitcoin to Nigerian Naira using the Qxchange app.


Naira is a reliable alternative to exchange for bitcoin as it is a normally stable currency. However, the value of Bitcoin can vary widely, and it is not uncommon for the price to rise or fall sharply in a single day. Because of this, it might be difficult to find out the real value of your bitcoins.

If you are looking for that best app to sell your bitcoin in nigeria safe for instant payments, then is your best choice. You will receive the money when Exchange bitcoin for naira can also be used to purchase other assets. Due to Nigeria’s developing economy, it makes sense to invest there. The money from the sale of bitcoin could be used to buy real estate or shares in a Nigerian company.

You can also use the Qxchange/Quchange app to sell other cryptocurrencies like USDT and Ethereum to your bank account for instant cash. The availability of instant funds is the third and final benefit of Exchange bitcoin for naira.

Converting bitcoin to naira, the national currency of Nigeria, is easy with the Qxchange app. It only takes a few minutes to receive your funds and the process is simple. This is a significant advantage over other Bitcoin sales methods that can take days or even weeks.

Therefore, selling your bitcoin for naira is a great idea if you want to profit from current market conditions. With the Qxchange app you can quickly and easily Convert your bitcoins into instant cash




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1. Tap on the orange icon that says BITCOIN or open the sidebar menu and click on “BITCOIN WALLET”.

2. Each user is given a unique bitcoin address, which means the address you see on your quchange bitcoin wallet is yours only. Your BTC wallet balance will be updated once bitcoin is sent to your quchange BTC address.

3. Tap to copy your bitcoin, which you can use anytime, whenever you want.

4. To sell bitcoin, send bitcoin to your unique Quchange bitcoin address. After the bitcoin transaction reaches 3/3 confirmations on the blockchain network, your BTC wallet balance will be updated with the amount you sent.

You can then click Sell, you will be prompted to enter the dollar value of the bitcoin you wish to sell from your balance. Make sure you budget $0.5 for blockchain transaction fees, when you click the sell button, your wallet will be credited instantly in seconds, and you can then proceed to request a withdrawal.