Halloween in Old School RuneScape

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Welcome to our OSRS Halloween guide, bringing you the latest on old-school updates. This article covers this year’s Halloween update and what to expect. So, make yourself comfortable and get ready for a glimpse of what’s to come! Make sure you’re prepared for whatever OSRS throws your way. many places offer OSRS Gold for sale with unbeatable prices and impeccable services. With that in mind, let’s get into the Halloween haunted fest!


There were some pretty unusual sightings in Varrock this October. As the Halloween celebrations draw ever closer, there is an influx of strange masked horrors roaming the land. ghost children, people in Shakespearean attire and many more; everything as bizarre as the last one…

Not to mention the strange reports pouring in from all over Gielinor that candy is falling straight from the tree! As well as rocks and popular fishing spots across the map dropping the same sweet treats. You may even stumble upon some NPCs joining in the happiness. The spooky encounters just keep coming.

If you’re interested in investigating these processes, we recommend heading to Varrock’s West Bank. It’s sure to be spooky fun that no one wants to miss out on.

Jagex has stated that this year’s event will be slightly different to previous ones, and reiterated that everyone is still invited to join in the fun! In addition, they mentioned that most of the fun and games will take place in Varrock and the surrounding areas, players may find themselves even further away with some spooky NPCs.

This spooky event runs from October 26th to November 16th! This gives players more than enough time to get in on the action and hopefully snag some rewards along the way.

During the duration of this event, you can outwit or treat specific NPCs. You can make your way to Varrock Castle to trick or treat King Roald. That will lead him into a dialogue with the problems involved, but then he will have a recommendation. He will tell you to seek out other NPCs who he thinks would love your costume. For every NPC you visit, you will get 100 treats. Once you’ve shown off your spooky costume and done something trick or treating, you should unlock the witch costume.

NPCs to trick or treat

  • King Roald-Varrock
  • Aggie – Village of Draynor
  • Party Pete-Falador
  • Duke Horacio-Lumbridge

Aside from the above method, you can get your hands on some goodies in other ways. So let’s look at what these methods are and how to use them.

Spiritspeak Amulet

First, and strictly speaking, an add-on to the above is the use of the Ghostspeak Amulet. This allows you to communicate with a spirit that appears after a trick or treatment of a man, woman, or guard. Talking to this spirit is guaranteed to get you five treats on your next trick-or-treating adventure. This is in contrast to the usual 3-5 and will ensure you maximum treats!

Generous handler

You can also try your luck at finding the Generous Treater. If you find him, you will get 100 treats. His location keeps changing, so you might not get lucky right away, but keep trying. Below we’ve listed the few known locations that the Generous Treater seems to visit.

Known places

  • South of Gypsy Aris’ house – Varrock
  • East of Horvik – near the well in Varrock
  • Southwest of Western Anvil House
  • Mining
  • woodcutting
  • fishing

The following rewards can be obtained by placing treats in the cauldron. You can get all the items by depositing a total of 720 treats into the cauldron.

  • Halloween wig
  • witch costume
  • Two well-known pumpkins
  • Two well-known Halloween mask sets

In addition, there are rewards from previous events. If you want to claim them you can go to Diango the merchant.

There will be four reward goals for all players, in all worlds. Reaching these will unlock a righteous cauldron recolor. The game has yet to introduce all the goals, but the first is 50 million deposited treats.

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