I didn’t leave Nigeria for fear of Buhari, economy – Charlyboy

Controversial Nigerian artist and social engineer Charlyboy, also known as Area Fada, has said he did not leave Nigeria out of fear of Buhari or the nation’s bad economy.

In an exclusive talk with DAILY POST on the state of the nation, Area Fada emphasized that he is used to living a life of suffering and will not leave Nigeria for anyone.

He said: “Yo, leave Nigeria to go where? I’m on a well-deserved vacation and I’m going home in a few weeks. I can’t live anywhere else outside of Nigeria. We will all live or die here. No one in shape pushes me. as you from the land of potatoes, God punish them Dem no reach samsam.

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“I am used to a life of suffering and challenges, regardless of my impeccable pedigree and my rich heritage.”

He noted that the holidays will help him rethink his strategy and restart.

“You know that when you stay in shit for too long, you start to smell like shit. Our environment has become very toxic, therefore I had to go outside for a while to get some fresh air, reboot, rethink strategies, and reboot. I will never run for anyone. We die here! “

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