Eye symbol of BBNaija is Lucifer sign, viewers not real Christians – Catholic Priest

A Nigerian Catholic priest who works in the Lux Terra chaplaincy, Father George Ehusani has said that the eye sign from the reality TV show Big Brother Nigeria is an evil sign known as the sign of Lucifer.

The priest who made this known while preaching to the congregation on Sunday said that people who watch the show and call themselves Christians are not true Christians.

According to him, “You can’t be openly viewing pornography and expecting to get to heaven.”

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Furthermore, he noted that there was nothing educational about the show, adding that something had to be done about the show before it caused further harm in society, especially to the younger generation.

“What is Big Brother and what are the ideas portrayed there? What exactly are young people learning from that program? I want to tell you right now that the older brother’s eye sign is an evil sign and is known as the sign of lucifer.

“You cannot be openly viewing pornography and you call yourself a Christian. I was able to get a person to tell me something educational about that show.

“There are thousands of educational shows to watch on TV, but then people choose to keep watching a reality TV show that has nothing but rotten to offer.

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“Even the churches in the United States spoke in unison when they condemned the show and called for it to be removed from their television shows and in the United States and today, that’s how the show was pulled from television.

“This issue should be widely discussed in our society and if we don’t come together to do something about it there will also be a lot of damage to work on by the time we find out,” he said.

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