BBNaija: Reactions trail Tega, Boma’s alleged love-making, kissing video

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija’s housemate Tega has been widely criticized by Nigerians on social media when a video emerged of her kissing Boma.

The circulating video has Tega and Boma kissing and they are also seen kissing under the duvet.

This has sparked reactions on social media when viewers criticized Tega for disrespecting her home as a married woman and having sex with another man.

While some blamed Boma for taking advantage of a married woman, others criticized Tega for doing such a thing on national television.

BBNaija: What will I do if my marriage ends after the reality show? – Tega

It is not sure if they had sex, as the viral video only showed them kissing and making some suggestive movements under the duvet.

Recall that Tega’s husband recently revealed that he cheated on his wife and that he deserves everything she does around the house.

Here are comments from Nigerians condemning Tega’s latest act.

@Olurops “Shameless married woman. Tega should go home abeg “.

@OmotayoOfLagos, “Boma is a great shame for manhood. I know she’s sick, but I can’t believe she can go as low as this, and even Tega, she doesn’t deserve to be called a wife at all, how can you do this to a man who is running your social campaign? while chasing your dream? Your husband?

@Nurse_Voke “This act is an ABOMINATION and she is fully conscious. But what married people do you meet for the older brother?

@MissAsor “You are complaining about Angel up and down. This Boma guy is something else. What kind of man is this, Big Brother? Evict him. “

@Infibel “In all nuances, this is absolutely wrong. If Tega is stupid, is Boma stupid too?

@ Mkays95 “Tega is very cheeky. I don’t know why many people blame Boma while Tega is the married one here. “

@Saint_fc “I blame the husband for letting her go there.”

@BrownAreola “They didn’t make love. Tega jerked him off. If he can cheat in his double bed, then a little manual work shouldn’t be a problem. “

@Dgamosaamosun “Regardless, as far as my brothers and I are concerned, once we are married,“ Our wives ”will never be a part of these or any reality shows. How the person is going to drink explain to the children “.

@Asiwajulerry “Once again, Boma runs away too much with everything while the housemates receive all the criticism. First it was Queen, then Angel and now it is Tega ”.

@Xtralily “It’s not that Tega lets Boma kiss her and touch her, this same lady has literally been in everyone’s business in that house, however, look what a“ married woman ”did on national television. What she did is unjustifiable, her husband is only trying to control the damage ”.

@Wizkidlove “The reason I don’t like this show. Seriously, what is the show teaching the younger generation? “

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