Zendaya Reveals ‘Euphoria’ Return With 2 Interim Episodes on HBO

More than a year has passed since then Euphoria viewers were immersed by Rue into a pool of emotions by the end of season 1. Although the HBO series sparked controversy, it immediately became a spectacle with viewers who saw that the reversible characters and storylines are too intense to ignore.

Zendaya’s Rue is at the center of the series, but fans are invested in Fezco, Kat, Cassie, Jules, Lexi, and Maddy as well. What’s for them? There is no concrete release window for season 2, but HBO is releasing new ones Euphoria episodes to crowd over.

Zendaya in Euphoria
Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria | Eddy Chen / HBO

Where season 1 ‘Euphoria’ has gone

By the end of the season, everyone in the show was struggling with the weight of their own decisions or the decisions of someone else. Fans watched Cassie see herself skating ice while she had an abortion. Nate confronts his father and Rue confronts him about Fezco.

Fez, their favorite drug dealer, had to make a comeback after a police attack to pay Mouse. He woke up stealing and attacking a man in front of her child. Maddy left Nate, and Kat did a nice job with Ethan.

Rue’s kidney disease knocked her down but her feelings for Jules upset her. But she was not ready to run away with her. A broken heart, Rue broke again and in a beautiful, climactic scene, he fell into a lot of gospel singers. The symbolism was strong.

What’s up with Rue? What happened to Fez? Did Nate’s father continue with his behavior? There were still so many questions going into season 2.

Zendaya and HBO announce upcoming ‘Euphoria’ events

Zendaya and HBO took to social media to make two special episodes of Euphoria. The first will air on Dec. 6. According to a press release from the network, both programs were created and fired according to COVID-19 protocols.

The login line reads:

“After Jules leaves at the train station and repeats, the first special follows Rue (played by Emend®-winning Zendaya) as it celebrates Christmas. Written and directed by the series’ creator Sam Levinson, the program entitled ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always,’ also features Colman Domingo, who appeared in season one. ”

Fans may remember Domingo’s character, Ali, one of the members of Rue’s support group. Viewers should check in at 9pm EST on Dec. 6 but the show will also be available on HBO Max.

What is known about what happened to Rue and season 2

according to Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, Rue is alive, but not well. In August 2019, he said Hollywood Reporter, “Rue is not dead, if that is the question. I thought it was interesting when I read a piece [about that theory] and I would like the piece but I think Rue has a great journey ahead of her, and a difficult journey. ”

Levinson continued, “It’s not something I want to cut short because of who Rue means to me as someone who has fought with slavery and came out the other side, and because I think that there is much more to study and decipher about the impact of slavery on Rue and her family and those around her. “

He also shared that the stories of Fez and Lexi will appear in season 2 and he has specific plans for both characters. Levinson said viewers will be able to explore the complexity of the characters in the new chapter.

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