You’ll Never Believe How Many Episodes of ‘Days of Our Lives’ Jennifer Aniston’s Dad, John Aniston, Has Filmed

Jennifer Aniston is perhaps the most famous face in her family now, but years before she became a cultural icon through Friends, her father, John Aniston, was making waves on TV during the day. Elder Aniston has spent decades playing Victor Kiriakis on it Days of Our Lives. You can’t believe just how many episodes of the famous soap opera he appeared in.

John Aniston’s most memorable and longest career has been Days of Our Lives

The life of elder Aniston in Hollywood is a little strange. While most actors are moving from work to work, John Aniston has remained put on hold. In fact, he has put more years into one show than most average citizens at one company before retiring. He has spent over three decades showing Victor on it Days of Our Lives.

The crew of 'Days of Our Lives'
The team of ‘Days of Our Lives’ | Chris Haston / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Joey connects to Days of Our Lives isn’t this the only time the writing team paid homage to Aniston’s famous father. In season 7, Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, crossed a sign for a wedding while trying to find a maid for Monica and Chandler. Mirror states that the poster, which read “Anastassakis Papsifakis” was a nod to the Aniston family. The Aniston family name was changed before Jennifer was born for easy pronunciation. John Aniston Yiannis Antonios Anastassakis was born, according to the publication.

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