Will Smith Reveals There Were ‘Massive Critical Deficiencies’ in His Father’s Parenting

Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, sat down in June for a special edition of Red Table Conversation. This program is about his father, and Will doesn’t hold back. He speaks openly about his father, even revealing that he wanted to “correct” his father’s parenting. It’s an eye-opening conversation anyway.

Will Smith reveals that there were ‘grave serious deficiencies’ in his father’s parenthood

Will Smith
Will Smith | Jim Spellman / WireImage

Jada asks her husband when he thinks his father ‘s instincts began. ”Will gives an amazing response, and he knew for sure that he wanted to be a father at a young age. He also noticed his father’s “shortcomings” when it came to parenthood.

“From the time I was six I wanted to be a father,” Will reveals. “I loved the way my family was, but there were some major shortcomings in my father’s parenting that I wanted to rectify. By the time I was 10 years old, I remember watching my dad think I could do better than him. ”

He says his father, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr., also known as Daddy-O, had a “temper”, and Will says he was a “calm” child, who doesn’t feel like he’s ‘mixes well at all.

“Like I wasn’t a child you had to slap, or punch or beat,” Will continues. “So, you know, growing up in a home where physical assault was allowed, that was very much hiding my skin. That hurt my spirit. ”

‘Eating dinner is the same as war’

Willard Smith Sr., Will Smith, and Jaden Smith
Willard Smith Sr., Will Smith, and Jaden Smith | SGranitz / WireImage

Will describes his father as a “staunch disciple.” Obviously, that affected him in more ways than one. His father was in the army, and he was not afraid to discipline him.

“For Daddy-O, it was old school, with a hard-armed mind,” Will continues. “There was no stopping. And he was a strong disciple. He was in the Royal Air Force, so he ordered an order. The combination of order and teaching made him a very powerful role model and a psychological force. All he wanted to do was control your natural mindset, so when it got hot, you didn’t have to think. ”

Will states that his father did not separate “anything,” and gives an eye-opening example. “Eating dinner is the same as war,” Will explains.

Will was very honest about his childhood, and he says that he saw his father abuse his mother, and it affected him greatly, as anyone would. He is described as the “biggest emotional scar” in his life. His father taught him many things, including the things he did not want to do for his own children.

“Well, the beautiful features he put in are a big part of what made me, me,” Will says. “And as a ying for every yang, I watched him beat my mother. So the biggest emotional scar I have in my life, deliver that too. He showed me a lot of things I wanted to do, but he also showed me the things I would never, positively, do to my children. “

Will says that when his father was angry, he would “turn out to be a dumb man” Will had never met. “As a child I could not understand, but all his wisdom is gone.”

Will’s father died in 2016 from cancer. Despite their complicated relationship, it is clear that Will learned a lot from the man who raised him.

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