Why ‘The Mandalorian’ Is the Top Entertainment Franchise

Am Mandalorian has invigorated the Star Wars hemisphere in a major way. It has breathed new life into a popular franchise. But where does it pick up compared to some other popular franchises that are currently making movies, TV shows, and streaming series? According to a current study conducted as part of a research study, Am Mandalorian could be at the top.

Pedro Pascal reaches first scene of 'The Mandalorian'
Pedro Pascal reaches the first sight of Am Mandalorian | Jesse Grant / Getty Photos for Disney

The study ranks the top entertainment rights

In a media landscape in which the big-budget franchise is now king, every major film studio seems to be looking at building new rights or, presumably, build on established ones. That’s why Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars. Recently, a scientific study was conducted to confirm the main franchise.

according to Variety, the NRG strategy company began conducting a survey in January 2019. It interviewed 350,000 people about 700 franchisees in an attempt to find out which of them were seen as “the most bold, inspirational and thoughtful. ”

NRG used the results to find out which rights had the most lasting impact on their audience. They wanted to identify those that were appropriate for the needs of their fans.

Jon Penn, Chief Executive of NRG, had this to say about the findings of the review:

“Consumers are ready for entertainment licenses to lead important cultural conversations and create a new reality – one in which hope, diversity and curiosity unite rather than separate us.”

The results of the study were less surprising, as many of today’s major rights were represented. The results revealed what consumers currently like.

The other copyrights made the cut

An Disney + Star Wars series Am Mandalorian held down the same place as the main franchise. So why did he find his way to the top?

It goes into one of the most popular franchises ever: Star Wars. Moreover, while it pays homage to the films that made it possible, it also adds a new spin to them. It takes fans to new characters in familiar situations.

Star Wars fans are hungry for new content. With no new movies on the horizon right now, this is how fans will find the fix. In short, Am Mandalorian real power to stay is a key franchise and may remain so for years to come.

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