Why The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Network Was Pressuring the Writers: Rory’s ‘Gotta Have Sex’

Many Gilmore’s daughters fans won’t forget until the end of season 4. Luke and Lorelai have a beautiful moment together – but in a more controversial scene, married Rory and Dean sleep together. Gilmore’s daughters creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has explained that The WB, the network is called Gilmore aired, pressured them to write a sex scene for Rory for a long time.

The final ending of season 4 of ‘Gilmore Girls’ – when Rory finally had sex

Jared Padalecki, Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia of Gilmore Girls
Gilmore’s daughters team members Jared Padalecki, Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia present Scariest Moment Reality TV Choice | Steve Grayson / WireImage

At the ATX Festival Reunion 2015, the creative and creative team behind the beloved show shared stories from their time working on it Gilmore’s daughters.

For example, Sherman-Palladino referred to the writers’ “big” conversation about him when Rory was finally “going to have sex.”

“We weren’t trying to make a statement,” she told the Austin TV festival crowd. “We were really trying to figure out who she was. ”

Rory was unique from many other characters of her age on television at the time. Not that she never thought about it, or talked about sex, but her main focus was doing well in school. (And maybe, reading as many books as possible.)

When it comes to having sex for the first time, Sherman-Palladino explained: “It’s a decision she’s not going to make lightly – or I didn’t want her to get drunk at a party.”

The creator of ‘Gilmore Girls’ knew it would happen to Dean

Gilmore’s daughters they did not treat sex like other series on the same network – such as One Tree Hill no Dawson’s Creek.

The clumsy, unique world of the show (and the innocence of Rory’s book) is what many fans like best about it. However, by the time the show aired, the WB was tapping his finger when it came to Rory’s sex life beginning.

“It got to the point where the studio and the network,‘ it really has sex, ’” Sherman-Palladino revealed at the 15-year anniversary event.

Sherman-Palladino, with her husband and companion Gilmore’s daughters writer / director Daniel Palladino introduced and wrote the final program: End of Season 4.

When the time came, Sherman-Palladino was skeptical about how it would go down.

“When we did our vision, I wanted him to be Dean, and I wanted them not to be together at that time,” said the Gilmore shared creator.

“That was a pain for me,” Palladino told ATX.

Member of Jared Padalecki on that famous season 4 program

Cast Gilmore Girls
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham enter Gilmore’s daughters | Warner Bros./Delivered by Online USA

In 2016, Sherman-Palladino, Alexis Bledel, and Jared Padalecki spoke Weekly entertainment about that season 4 last sightings.

One clear detail from filming memory? That bed was surprisingly tiny.

“I remember standing in that room saying, ‘There’s no way f * cking Jared and she’s fit in that bed,'” Gilmore’s daughters a creator told EW.

“Certainly my legs were off,” Padalecki confirmed.

“In the blows, I fell off that bed a couple of times,” Bledel said.

However, the small bed is part of what made the moment work, Padalecki believes.

“It works for the scene because it should have been weird,” he explained.

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