Why ‘Scrubs’ Creator Bill Lawrence Got ‘S**t-Canned’ From ‘Friends’ After 1 Season

It is 20 years since Bill Lawrence created the medical comedy Scrubs, the biggest show of his TV career. However, that series was not the first one he was working on.

Scrubs Bill Lawrence
Bill Lawrence with ‘Scrubs’ stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison Alberto E. Rodriguez / WireImage

Lawrence also created a political sitcom of the 90s City Spin and was a staff writer on it Boy meets the world and Friends. However, Lawrence says he got “s ** t-canned” from Friends after just one season.

Season 5 scrub ‘Scrubs’ went out through the pandemic

Early in pandemic, one-minute video clip from season 5 Scrubs the program “My Cabbage” went viral. In the 15-year-old fragment a disease spread like wildfire throughout the hospital. When anything works with the virus – hand, face, or face – it suddenly turns green. The short video clip was so relevant to the COVID release that it felt like it was made in 2020.

according to The Austin Chronicle, the video was not just an accessible moment. It also offered insight into the thinking behind Scrubs. The last person to get the virus was a patient who was already ill, and in the next program, she died.

Realizing that he was “really, really good” at it Friends, Lawrence refused to crawl up to the fetal position and cry about losing everything. Instead, he knew he would quickly find another job after working on the number one show on TV.

“I came out of there with confidence, instead of neglecting. After learning a lesson, ”said Lawrence.

If it weren’t for that confidence, the world might not have received a gift from him Scrubs.

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