Why Lady Gaga ‘Burst Into Tears’ When She Saw Early Footage of Herself in ‘AHS: Hotel’

Before Ryan Murphy American Horror Story: Hotel, Lady Gaga said there was a lot of work on screen. She appeared in 2013’s Machete kills and 2014’s That’s City 2: Dame to Kill for as a difficult and smooth attendant with heavy lips and a heart of gold. But, AHS celebrating her first major career – a man who went on to win a Golden Globe for “Bad Romance” singer.

Gaga had doubts going into it AHS. She would work with the likes of Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates. So she knew she had to take A-Game with her if she really wanted to be an actress – not just as a pop icon getting her kick in the world of contemporary culture.

Lady Gaga and Ryan Murphy AHS
Lady Gaga and Ryan Murphy Todd Williamson / Contributor

During an interview with Account Board, Lady Gaga spoke about working with Ryan Murphy, who noted their common tendency to create art that moves according to their inner mental and emotional states.

Gaga explained that they both experience “the same kind of criticism of intent [their] work. “Some critics believe that their creations seek attention and art for the purpose of art. However, Gaga saw a similar mindset in Murphy. She knew she was in the right hands, and she was thankful for her unwavering faith as an actress.

Ryan Murphy on the ‘six-minute introduction … Gaga in’ AHS: Hotel ‘

Ryan Murphy explained to Billboard how pleased he was with Gaga’s performance, directing attention at her speechless introduction. He shared:

“She’s one of the most talented people in the world, and she’s a great actress … There’s a six-minute act that brings her into the show, when she has no communication . It’s just like a story in pictures. I kept saying to her, ‘I know you can. You are leaving [to] Do it. It’s going to be good. ‘”

Ryan Murphy | Account Board

Gaga didn’t cry because she was disappointed in her performance; she shouted that someone had given her the opportunity to prove herself a bad performer – and that was what she wanted to be before she was ever a singer.

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