Why ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’s Executive Producer Said Writing the Show Was ‘Therapy’ For Him

Phil Rosenthal ,, left, by Ray Romano
Phil Rosenthal ,, left, by Ray Romano | Photos Trish Lease / Getty

When Phil Rosenthal was thanked for being a performer Everyone loves Raymond, he was not ready for how the series would be a way to awaken and express his struggles about married life.

And his pleasures; but mostly, his problems.

Here is what he told the American Television Archive.

Rosenthal was asked to create ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’

In 1996 Rosenthal, a writer who had worked on the comedy series Coach, the offer to create an original sitcom was expanded. It would be a sequel to the stand-up comic Ray Romano, who had just made a name for himself on David Letterman’s late-night show.

He spoke to him Father in 2019 and considered the evolution of Raymond.

“At first we didn’t know what the show would be,” he said. “I wonder [Romano] he would have been very comfortable doing a Seinfeld-pipe of the display; you know where he and his funny friends sit in a coffee shop and talk about nothing. But I told him that show was already out. ”

Both realized that by comparing stories about their families, they had a financial resource for a series. Everyone loves Raymond it became a hit on CBS, running for nine seasons until 2005.

Rosenthal says the best comedy is from everyday life

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The producer, who was married in real life to “Amy Barone” actress Monica Horan, explained in his interview that it was not so difficult to come up with title ideas. All ideas were born from the show’s writers ’marriages, their relationship with their parents, and family life.

From the monthly produce program in which Ray and Marie and Frank ‘s parents fall apart to learn that their son is getting a product for them every month, to the toaster event in which a Christmas gift is returned to the shop, the producer said it was all there, under everyone’s roofs.

“When this happens, I don’t see this as a funny or humorous program of Everyone loves RaymondRosenthal told the American Television Archive in 2005. “I see this as, ‘You’re the show! You know, when we make fun of people like that on the show, we make fun of you, ‘”he said, pretending to be robbing his family.

“You’re the show, all right?” It’s not funny. I’ll get you a gift, it never works out. It is never good enough. When you get a gift for someone, it’s a habit to thank you, not ‘oh, it’s such a big problem.’ ”

The show was a cure for him

The Someone feeds Phil the guest expanded on his point, saying how much he felt that a particular situation was not funny and, in fact, hurt, his writers persuaded him to turn it to comedy gold.

“They say, ‘You have to write that one’ and I say, ‘I’m not writing that one. It’s not funny, because for me it’s not funny. ‘And from there I will write it; from the point of view of the son who receives disrespect, until is something down there, ”he said.

“And I try to explore their side, where they come from. It is a cure! The show is a cure. ”

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