Why ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Ray Romano Called Ray Barone a ‘Dumbed-Down Version’ of Himself

Fans of Everyone loves Raymond they still find a solution on the sitcom thanks to syndication services and streamings. The show with Ray Romano (Ray Barone), Patricia Heaton (Debra Barone), Brad Garrett (Robert Barone), Doris Roberts (Marie Barone), and Peter Boyle (Frank Barone) closed in 2005 after a successful nine-season run .

With most of the events based on real events from the life of Romano and the show’s creator Phil Rosenthal, Romano admitted that he shares some similarities with the on-screen character.

'Everyone loves Raymond': Brad Garrett, Doris Roberts, Ray Romano, and Peter Boyle
‘Everyone loves Raymond’: Brad Garrett, Doris Roberts, Ray Romano, and Peter Boyle | Robert Voets / CBS / Getty Images Photo Archive

Ray Barone would often fall short, but he tried

Playing the married father-in-law of three on the show, Romano’s character was often subjected to his wife’s anger on screen for not living up to her expectations. Heaton saw Debra as something representing the frustration of long-suffering women.

“It’s funny, she could be like that ab * tch but I think she was very patient,” Heaton told the Television Academy Foundation. “She recognized Ray’s good qualities, because she made him angry. … She was always a little angry that way [Ray] she could not read her mind, was unaware and everything he tried fell apart. ”

While Debra often expected Ray to wander around the house and help with the kids, he would often choose to grab the remote TV. But there would often be a point in the program where Ray would show his soft side.

“They were very similar to Lucy and Ricky, I think,” she said, referring to the legendary Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. “Kind of Lucy and Ricky today. But it was just turned. Ray was the new Lucy. ”

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