Whoopi Goldberg Says She Always Wanted to Do a Horror Movie — Why ‘The Stand’ Is Her First

Whoopi Goldberg has been starring since the 1982 film Citizen, or more prominently from 1985’s The purple color. In her stormy career, she has done everything from comedy to drama. She even did science fiction with a recurring role Star Trek: The Next Generation. That’s why it’s such a big surprise after 45 years, The Stand her first project in the genre of horror.

The stand: Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg | Robert Falconer / CBS

Goldberg was part of the Television Critics Association panel for The Stand on Dec. 3. She revealed that she has been watching a horror movie all her career. The Stand premieres Dec. 17 on CBS All Access.

The reason no one would put Whoopi Goldberg in a horror movie

Goldberg received many offers of his career. She won an Oscar for Ghost, which was a different kind of ghost story, but it never got to make a full horror movie until The Stand.

“Listen, I’ve been begging,” Goldberg said. “I’ve been begging for 40 years, maybe 30 years, but who thinks I’m a bad boy? Who thinks I’m the monster under the bed? No one. That’s why you got me but I pray so I hope before this happens that there is something terribly scary for me to do. ”

Goldberg was joking about her efforts to get Hollywood to cast her in horror movies.

“I moved into people’s homes to scare them into getting this part,” Goldberg joked.

Why 2020 is the right time for Whoopi Goldberg in ‘The Stand’

ABC entered the miniseries in 1994 in which played Ruby Dee Mother Abagail, the supernatural woman who recruits survivors from plague to Boulder. Goldberg feels The Stand she came back to her at the right time to play Mother Abagail.

Whoopi Goldberg - An stand
Whoopi Goldberg | Robert Falconer / CBS

That said, there are limits to the horror that Goldberg can bring. The Stand just hit the sweet spot.

“What’s harder for me is that I can’t handle slower movies because they’re real,” Goldberg said. “People make stuff like that. But, some of the things that you read in Stephen ‘s books, I just think, okay, what do I do? And that’s the greatest thing about Las Vegas here because we’re not saying you’re bad or that these people are bad. It grows what you would do if you had to make this choice? ”

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