Who Is ‘General Hospital’ Actor Sofia Mattsson?

Fans of General Hospital he first met Sofia Mattsson in 2018. Mattsson will play Sasha Gilmore in the show and draw a perfect American girl character. However, fans will be surprised to learn that the actor did not grow up in the United States. The actor is from Sweden of course. Read on to learn more about Mattsson and how she can take away the spotless American accent on everyone.

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Sofia Mattsson | Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures

Mattson grew up in Sweden

Mattsson is from Stockholm, Sweden. according to IMDb, is related to Helena Mattsson, who held positions Emergency housewives and The American Horror Story. Helena moved to the United States after graduating from high school to pursue acting. When Mattsson was 19, she decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and move to the USA. The actress said she loved Helena, and whenever she came to visit her, she felt more attracted to pursue a acting career.

Mattsson said she would go with Helena to the set of Emergency housewives. She said she would follow Helena from her trailer to the filming location to see what it’s like and always have fun. The actress said she had a lot of things holding her back at home. She was a model and a singer in Sweden, and those career paths prevented her from completely moving to the US to pursue her passion for acting.

Before she came ashore she now had the famous role of Sasha General Hospital, Mattsson worked as a model in the US and starred in several independent films. She also had guest cameos in popular shows like Two and a half men and NCIS. As well as being a hit on the popular soap opera General Hospital, Mattsson also owns a handbag company with its sister. The sister business, Ava Carrington, specializes in the supply of non-rigid handbags.

Mattsson revealed that she got the idea for the vegan handbags after she and her sister realized that almost all high-end handbags were all made of animal leather. The actress noted that she and Helena aim to provide sustainable quality handbags that are environmentally and animal friendly.

Mattsson had to kick a streak to land Sasha’s career

When Mattsson arrived in the US, she had a strong Swedish taste. The actress revealed that her accent was limiting her in the number of jobs she got. She noted that her American accent was unbelievable, so she ended up getting more Russian, Swedish and European jobs.

Mattsson then decided to change that and accepted accent training positions and worked closely with vocal training coaches to speak to how fluent she is today. The Swedish actress said her trick of getting the perfect English accent is not hanging out with her Swedish friends and speaking English more often.

Mattsson admitted that she spent more time with her American friends and her sister helping her shave the Swedish accent much faster. The 29-year-old actor is fluent in Swedish and English.

Mattsson didn’t think she would be on the show long

Sasha arrived in Port Charles in 2018. She was raised by Amanda, a single mother with whom Sasha shared a close bond. After Amanda died, Sasha was left with her grandmother sick. She soon realized she could not raise money for her grandmother’s surgery.

She decided to accept Valentin Cassadine ‘s offer to make Nina think it was her daughter who had long been missing. The act was supposed to last for a few days, and she would use the money she earned to pay her grandmother’s medical expenses.

Mattsson left for a while General Hospital for a few months in 2018 before reiterating her career to the present day. The actress revealed that she thought the role would be temporary when she came ashore to play Sasha.

Over the years, Sasha has proven to be a more important part of Port Charles than Mattsson expected. Sasha is currently working as the face of Deception Cosmetics. However, Sasha ‘s personal life has not been as successful, and she seems to be dependent on drugs to deal with the situation.

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