Where Can You Watch ‘Three’s Company’?

It’s hard to believe that in 1920 “there were only a few dozen televisions in the world.” Television did not start until the 1950s.

The television industry was slow but it certainly started. The 1970s marked a very exciting time for people in the entertainment industry. Interest in television and cable series rising and networks allowed more and more. The Partridge Family, The Jeffersons, and Laverne & Shirley there were only a few of the iconic and endearing shows shown for this period.

Company of three was another popular television show that was cut around the same time. Take a look back at the comedy show that so many people fell in love with.

A look back at ‘Three’s Company’

Joyce Dewitt, John Ritter, and Suzanne Somers as Janet, Jack, and Chrissy on 'Three's Company.'
Joyce Dewitt, John Ritter, and Suzanne Somers as Janet, Jack, and Chrissy on ‘Three’s Company.’ | PHOTO ARCHIVES ABC

There was a lot going on in 1976. Jimmy Carter was elected president, the first Rocky film was first published, and Company of three the first official visit was made.

The ABC show was based on three friends, Jack, Janet, and Chrissie. To cut costs, the close-knit group of friends decided to stay together in Santa Monica. But, of course, there was a catch: Mr Roper, the landlord of the apartment the friends rented, was believed to be Jack gay. This was the only way Mr Roper, played by Norman Fell, would allow a man to live with two women.

As Dina Gachman points in The New York Times: “Looking at it in a similar way, it was a turning point in a time when gay men were more likely to lie by staying close. ”

John Ritter who was cast as Jack was often praised for his ability to perform such a complex role. Joyce DeWitt ‘s character Janet Wood was portrayed as the responsible one while Chrissy Snow, played by Suzanne Somers, is often remembered for her naive nature.

Audra Lindley was another talented actress who appeared on the Company of three as Mrs. Roper. The landowner’s wife’s lines were often intended to make fun of her sexual dissatisfaction. She was also a friend of the three when her husband, Mr. Roper, was too hard on them.

Company of three aired for a total of 8 seasons sharing the hilarious successes and misfortunes suffered by the friends.

Suzanne Somers’ amazing and unexpected departure for ‘Three’s Company’

When Company of three he returned to the sky for season six in 1981 the new season was first announced without Somers. Over the seasons, the talented and cunning actress had realized that her male co-star, Ritter, was getting a lot more than her.

Somers’ contract expired after season five and the successful star used it as an opportunity to claim equal pay. Unfortunately, the result was incredibly difficult and unprofessional.

Somers was shot from Company of three over the controversy and the show Jenilee Harrison sent as Chrissy Cindy’s cousin to replace Somers. Cindy was eventually replaced by Nurse Terri, played by Priscilla Barns, who seemed to have nothing to do with Somers’ performance and character.

Although Somers ends with Company of three she may not have ended up on a positive note, the inspirational actress was noted for her efforts and was recognized by ET in Iconic Women Leading of the ’90s.

Where can you see ‘Three’s Company’?

Fortunately, nowadays, there are a few places where spectators can go binge watching. Company of three. Air TV logo Company of three for big bumps at the same time and Pluto TV allows users to stream the comedy series.

Sling TV is another streaming service that allows viewers to enjoy conversions. In many ways, Company of three considered a classic and definitely worth a look.

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