‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Premiere Date Revealed, and Hearties Couldn’t Be More Excited

Heartmark Channel has an early Christmas present for Hearties. When the heart cried Season 8 now has an official release date, the network appeared on December 17. And it turns out, fans of the show will not have to wait long to see new events.

Premiere of Season 8 ‘When Calls the Heart’ in February 2021

While we don’t know much about what to expect in season 8, Hallmark promises that the new events will be “more surprising and challenging for Hope Valley residents,” according to Entertainment tonight, the first to share first-date date news.

We also know that season 8 will have 12 programs instead of the usual 10, a change that will help keep them from having a new Christmas program for 2020. In addition, a new family – the Canfields – will move to Hope Valley.

As for the show’s big love triangle, fans are hoping that Elizabeth will finally decide between Lucas and Nathan. Back in late July, show producer Brian Bird said there would be one season 8 program titled “Honestly, Elizabeth.”

“Uh… # Hearties ies my heart is in my throat hach ​​and I can’t get it back to where it belongs. Wow, ”he said tweet, along with a drawing of the script. While some fans accused him of moving the pot, others thought the title could mean Elizabeth’s heart-to-heart conversations with the two would-be fans. lawyers. But for now, Hearties just needs to profit – and tune in to find out what happens when the show returns in February.

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