What Not to Do Before a Kissing Scene, According to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder

Fans of The Vampire’s Diary familiar with Ian Somerhalder for his role as Damon Salvatore, the charismatic immortal who manifests sexual appeal. The star has a lot of experience when it comes to performing steamy love scenes on screen. With that in mind, the pro was figuring out how to prepare for a kiss in the workplace and what any actor should avoid before taking close-ups.

Damon and Elena are dancing in front of a fireplace on The Vampire Diairies.
Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert and Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diary | An CW

Somerhalder explained what should be clear when preparing for a close-up view

To the delight of the fans, Ian Somerhalder appeared on it Iris Elle Trap tart back in 2019. While there for his other vampire-themed series, Netflix’s V Wars, many of the interview questions were also provided The Vampire’s Diary. Somerhalder shared plenty of information about his acting experience, including how to prepare for a big on-screen move.

“How do you prepare for a kiss scene,” Somerhalder said as he tried to get expert advice. “You want to have that, you know, steamed broccoli and salmon later. You know, we had to do those scenes where we were so close, you know. “

At that point, the actress got into the solo comedy habit of Damon and Elena ‘s chatter. Using his hands to represent the intimate and personal characters, he chatted quickly, saying, “’Damon, you have to stop killing people. ” I don’t want to stop killing people. ‘ ‘I love U.’ ‘I hate you.’ “

Classic damon.

With his hands close together to symbolize action with nearby constellations, Somerhalder explained, “And we were literally like this. When you are next to someone like this for hours [in] every day, and eat salmon and broccoli and onions, [and] garlic mixed with coffee and protein powder, it grows very gnarly. ”

One participant tested a scene from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for the star’s kissing skills

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Somerhalder issued sage advice on established mobile methods. And according to one view partner from The Vampire’s Diary, the star knows what he’s doing.

Chris Wood, who featured favorite speaker and Gemini Coven director Kai Parker, described what it was like to lock his lips with Somerhalder. The actors never caught on to it The Vampire’s Diary, but they took part in a spoof video to reactivate a iconic time for fans. On display, Damon and Elena share a hot kiss in the water. But in the spoof, Wood briefly steps into Elena’s shoes in an amazing twist.

When Wood appeared past Young Hollywood Back in 2016, guest Audrey Cleo asked him if Somerhalder is a good kiss. “Oh yes,” replied Wood. “It’s good. He has a nice pout. I’d say it wasn’t too wet, but it was in the water. So, it was wet. But, you know, it wasn’t no Enjoy it.”

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