What Jim Parsons Got ‘To Find Out’ About Sheldon Through Voiceover Work for ‘Young Sheldon’: What He Never Learned During ‘The Big Bang Theory’

For 12 seasons and 279 events, Jim Parsons starred in Sheldon Cooper in the hit sitcom The Big Bang theory. The actor showed the physics that were socially incompetent, very intelligent; but, between condescending one-liners and weird interactions, a deeper character complexity emerged. The one-sided scientist apparently transformed over time, earning Parsons a total of six Emmy nominations and four winners.

    John Armitage (L) and Jim Parsons of 'Young Sheldon'
John Armitage (L) and Jim Parsons of ‘Young Sheldon’ | Michael Tran / Contributor

Although Parsons spent more than a decade on the series, he never found out what Sheldon knows about it. And, doing transition work for the spinoff series Sheldon young has given the character some insight. During an interview with Web TV, Jim Parsons explained, although he ‘s not inside anymore The Big Bang Theory, his connection to Cooper is still always due Sheldon young.

Jim Parsons talks about being involved with ‘Young Sheldon’

Parsons learned a lot about Sheldon entering TBBT – how he works as a friend and the type of person he is in a relationship with. However, he didn’t get a chance to figure out what kind of father the character would be up to Sheldon young. Parsons divided:

“Obviously, I’ve already done voice-over [on Young Sheldon] from ages older than I have ever experienced with Sheldon [on Big Bang]. He talked to his kids last season, and of course we haven’t seen that yet. I’ll hear where [the writers’] imagination assumes that character … I would never have found out otherwise. ”

Parsons | as qtd. le TVSeriesFinale

Lorre explained that TV creation is an art – it’s not just a money game. So other spinoffs of The Big Bang theory there will be a lot to prove before it goes green.

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