‘WandaVision’ Rumors: How Many Episodes Will Season 1 Have?

WandaVision the highly anticipated original Marvel Studios series on Disney +. A year and a half without a visit to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has left fans more than a few ants and they are sure they want as much as they can of the new show.

The series, which focuses on Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), will debut on January 15, but Marvel Studios and Disney have been getting close. about the specific account of events. For the word to become official, fans have to make do with a promising new rumor – although it ‘s worth taking with a good amount of salt.

‘WandaVision’ may run longer than expected

WandaVision star, Elizabeth Olsen
‘WandaVision’ star Elizabeth Olsen. | Film Frame / Marvel Studios

Season nine programs for WandaVision it would definitely seem like a drawback for Disney +. This set the expiration date on March 5 or 12, leaving very little time for subscribers to get the first glimpse of The Hawk and the Winter Soldier on 19 March. The longer they can keep Marvel fans on the hook, the better.

However, there are still plenty of reasons not to take these rumors at face value. The site they came from is far from an established place with a strong reputation. Major Hollywood news and trade publications have yet to reveal the story, raising some doubts about its effectiveness.

There is also the question of how WandaVision he would handle nine events structurally. Each program of the series uses beauty and ropes of TV sitcoms from a different decade. If the series begins in the 1950s, it would reach the 2020s with program eight. That’s if the series keeps the gimmick all the way through and doesn’t go for a more conventional Marvel feel later. With this in mind, somewhere in the range of 6-8 events is more believable than nine.

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