‘Vikings’ Season 6B: How [SPOILER] Seeks Revenge on an Enemy

In season 6B of Vikings, fares of many are finally decided. Amazon Prime Video released the final episodes of the series on December 30, and some fans couldn’t help but watch the entire series. Of course not Vikings without someone seeking revenge, and one main character doing just that.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Vikings’]

Viking history vessel at San Diego Comic Con
Viking history ship at San Diego Comic Con | Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for HISTORY

Bjorn comes up with a plan and saves his country

In the first look of the new season, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) is fatally wounded from the battle with Russia in the mid – season finals. He is brought back to Kattegat where his wives, Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) and Ingrid (Lucy Martin), belong to him. Bjorn doesn’t do it, but he manages to create a plan, and King Hakon (Mishaël Lopes Cardozo) has spread a rumor to Russia that he is dead.

When the next battle comes and the soldiers see Bjorn riding out on his horse, they are terrified and frightened. Ganbaatar (Andrei Claude) shoots Bjorn with an arrow three times, but manages not to hold out his sword, which spreads them out. The Vikings win the battle, and Russia returns to Kyiv with Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø). Bjorn’s plan saves his country from Russia, but he dies from his wounds.

Bjorn Ironside’s wives go head to head to become Kattegat’s next governor

Bjorn gets a big funeral, and his two wives then go up against each other to find out who the next ruler will be. However, they did not promise King Harald (Peter Franzén) to return from captivity with Russia. He escaped from his prison and returned to take his place as King. However, he wants to marry the two Bjorn widows, and Ingrid agrees. Harald sexually assaulted her before the battle and she is now pregnant, but it is not clear who her father is.

Before Ingrid marries Harald, Erik (Eric Johnson) comes to see her, since he has seen her perform a ritual and knows that she is a witch. But Harald knows about that about his future wife, and Ingrid tells him that. She also reveals that Eric sold her as a slave, and her brand still has a back neck to prove it.

“You sold me once,” says Ingrid. “Don’t you remember? Of course not. but I remember. How do I forget? ”

Later, Ingrid marries Harald, but before that, Gunnhild decides to die by suicide believing she will join Bjorn in Valhalla. She jumps into the water and drowns herself, which shakes everyone.

How Ingrid seeks revenge on an enemy

Lucy Martin in 'Vikings'
Lucy Martin in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession / History / A + E Networks

When Ivar and Hvitserk return from Kyiv, Harald actually lets them stay and convinces the people that it is the right choice. He even agrees to join them in Wessex to take over King Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo). But he leaves Ingrid in charge with Erik, who has proven himself loyal to Bjorn in the past. But he is a traitor, and he takes advantage of Harald’s absence.

Almost immediately after Harald leaves, Erik shows off his true colors and wants to be King and Ingrid to be his Queen. But she decides to curse him in episode 17, and she throws a spell to make him lose her sight. She collects products, including mushrooms, berries, tree bark, and other ingredients. She cuts herself under her tongue, chest and hands. When she does a spell, part of what she says, “I drive it into the eye” is to curse Erik. She puts the bark under his pillow and waits for the work to be done.

Later, Erik wakes up unable to see out of one of his eyes. It quickly happens to his other eye as well. Ingrid wants Erik to go blind, and she takes all the power and decision on herself. Erik quickly realizes that Ingrid did this to him. But she says it was “the gods who blinded him”.

After this, Erik tries to get a servant named Orlyg (Tim Creed) to kill Ingrid for him. But Orlyg informs Nissa (Victoire Dauxerre), another servant, about it, and she decides to sleep with Erik to keep him from being depressed when Orlyg kills Ingrid. But Nissa does a plot with Ingrid, and in episode 19, she kills Erik for her with a pitchfork after he tells Orlyg that she will keep possession of him. Erik apparently sold Nissa as a slave just as he did to Ingrid. But Orlyg tells Ingrid about the plot when Ingrid confronts him about just how he’s coming to kill her. He’s killed, and Ingrid rules unchallenged.

When Ingrid ‘s final word arrives that Harald and Ivar have died in Wessex, she establishes herself as the sole ruler of Kattegat, and takes Nissa as her companion. She sought revenge on Erik by cursing him and then killing him for what he had done to her in the past.

Ingrid takes revenge on Erik and becomes governor of Kattegat when he is finished.

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