‘Vikings’ Season 6B: Fans Weigh in on the Return of a Fan Favorite – ‘The Most Satisfying Moment’

The final episodes of the hit series Vikings last appeared on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 30. Some fans chose to watch the series quickly and even in one sitting. There have been a number of spectacular events, but they all seem to be surpassed by one moment. Read on to find out what fans have to say about the return of their favorite in season 6B.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Vikings’]

San Diego Comic-Con 'Viking' vessel
‘Viking’ vessel at San Diego Comic-Con | Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for HISTORY

Return of favorite fan

A loving character finally returns after being away for several years. Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), who has been missing since season 5B after walking into the mouth of a cave in an active volcano, found his way to Newfoundland, where Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and the settlers to land finally.

Fans may remember that Ubbe was originally looking for Floki and went to Iceland. That’s where he learned about the Golden Land, a place he settled from the beginning. And after much turmoil and death, as well as the loss of Torvi’s daughter (Georgi Hirst), Asa, in a storm aboard their ship, they found the Land of Gold.

When they meet a Native American tribe near where they settled, they soon discover that their leader, Pekitaulet (Carmen Moore), can speak their language, and that has because Floki landed in the same land. They are taken to see him, and he lives in a tree-house style house.

It moves down just as Ubbe says, “Hello Floki. ”It is immediately clear that Floki has changed from the critical man he may have been in his youth. He is much more tolerant and softer in speaking, and tells them that he was noticed by the Native Americans.

“I would not live without them,” he admits. “When I got here I was weak, unable to stand on my own two feet.” They fed him and they did well again.

But when Ubbe asks him why he decided to leave Iceland, Floki says, “I left when the sadness grew too much. I was late. I was in prison in grief. I felt deserted by the gods. I shouted at them, but I never heard their voices again. The world made no sense. ”

“And so I found a boat,” Floki explains. “Being a Viking, as I still was, was able to find a boat.” When asked what made him sad, Floki replied, “I don’t always remember.”

Fans gain weight when their favorite returns

Gustaf Skarsgård in 'Vikings'
Gustaf Skarsgård in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession / A + E Networks / History

Many fans would describe Floki ‘s return as a real event, and one that viewers have been hoping would happen for years. It was a special one the first moment Floki fans will see it again, and some fans have recently commented on Reddit. A fan shared a snippet of Floki as he moved down from his home to greet Ubbe for the first time in years.

“[SPOILER] The most satisfying moment of Vikings 6B, ”is the title of the post Reddit.

One fan admits that, “they got chills and they shouted.”

Lots of fans were waiting for his return, and he played out as well as the fans hoped. Another fan agrees that the scene was “perfect” and that it was a “good finish,” which other fans will surely agree with.

“Yep it was just perfect! What a great end to the man of the series, ”they said.

A Reddit user was watching the particular program with a friend of theirs, who they say they never saw “so happy” while this scene was playing out. Maybe it feels common with other viewers as well.

“I was watching this program with a friend and I don’t think I’ve seen it so happy before,” the user admitted.

In a discussion thread after a program, fans talked about Floki’s return there as well. A fan describes the “best thing” Floki still has to “live” after all. “The ending was good,” said the fan Reddit. “Floki was the best thing that ever happened,” they said.

It makes sense that Floki would return before it was ready, and it fits perfectly into Ubbe ‘s quest for the Land of Gold. One fan discovered that Ubbe was seeing Floki as an “appropriate ending” to his story arc.

“Finding Floki was a fitting end to this arc and one of the few things that came to a happy conclusion,” they said. “Floki, in his old age, has retired that the world is a mystery and that it makes no sense to worry about the gods or even our own choices.”

Fans of Vikings definitely appreciating Floki’s return before the series ended. At the very least viewers can go back and relive their favorite moments, especially with Floki.

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