‘Trailer Park Boys’: Why 2 Beloved Characters Abruptly Quit the Show

Trailer Park Boys is a joke series that was originally set as a spinoff of the cult cult classic film 1999. The show, which received the following for its controversial and controversial plots, has picked up a number of unique features and even a lively series.

These days, fans go on to Trailer Park Boys to enjoy humor and sad situations. While many of the original members are still around, two favorite supporting actors left the series after season 6 amid a shiver of controversy and profiteering.

Julian (JP Tremblay), Bubbles (Mike Smith), and Ricky (Robb Wells) of 'Trailer Park Boys'
Julian (JP Tremblay), Bubbles (Mike Smith), and Ricky (Robb Wells) de Trailer Park Boys | Rick Eglinton / Toronto Star tro Getty Images

When did ‘Trailer Park Boys’ start on television?

In 1999, the film Trailer Park Boys hit theaters. Two years later, the series of the same name first appeared on the Showcase network, according to IMDb. The series followed a group of residents living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Many of the main characters are criminals, and their previous dirty actions lead to horrible plot lines, many of which involve drugs, alcohol, or general misconduct.

Following the success of the television series, three more full-time films have been released: About Film, released in 2006, Counting down to Drinks Day, released in 2009, and Don’t legalize it, which was released in 2014. The original series has inspired a number of special people. Throughout it all, fans have remained as dedicated to the non-controversial series as ever, tuning into any project featuring the beloved characters.

Who did Cory and Trevor play on ‘Trailer Park Boys’?

Cory and Trevor were two of the most popular characters in the Trailer Park Boys series. Both are often rolled into the same scenes. And they’ve even been shown to live together on the show in the same trailer. Cory is played by Canadian actor Cory Bowles and is one of the youngest residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Trevor, as actor Michael Jackson played, is a tiny criminal who is never far from Cory ‘s side.

During the first six seasons of Trailer Park BoysCory and Trevor were the main locations on the show. And they were a big part of many of the most terrifying NSFW plots on display. However, before the seventh season came around, fans realized that the two characters were no longer around. And since the show never dealt with their exodus, fans had to wait and wonder.

Why did the actors behind Cory and Trevor leave ‘Trailer Park Boys’?

The demonstrators never talked directly about why Cory and Trevor left. But the actors opened up behind the characters.

according to ScreenRant, Jackson wrote a long blog post where he talked about why he and Bowles decided to say goodbye to the show. He admitted that while they were happy to accept relatively low pay at the beginning of the series, he explained how the show grew to not have their pay level. This made both of them feel underpaid.

Although the characters Cory and Trevor were no longer around for the sixth season, their names were still mentioned now and again on the show. This left the opportunity for a return in the air.

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