‘Trailer Park Boys’: The Death of John Dunsworth Still Upsets Fans

Trailer Park Boys has gone from a Canadian cult comedy series to an essential piece of television history in the last two decades. With a team of characters living at the park a titular trailer and a mock-up style that later became famous The Office, the show was a strange sight for a group of people who don’t always get represented.

Among his remarkable character group was Jim Lahey, a director played admirably by the late John Dunsworth. While Dunsworth fitted in well with the rest of the show, his career went much deeper than a trailer park joke.

John Dunsworth and Patrick Roach walk down a hall dressed as their 'Trailer Park Boys' characters
John Dunsworth and Patrick Roach walk down a hall dressed as their characters Mr. Lahey and Randy from Trailer Park Boys | Darryl James / Getty Images

John Dunsworth’s role as Trailer Park Boys

Classically trained actor for several decades before joining Trailer Park Boys, Dunsworth made his debut in the 1978 short film As far as running, According to IMDb. Though forgotten, the short term began a long career spanning nearly 40 years.

Nearly 20 years after his debut, after a number of forgotten low positions in projects, Dunsworth got his start-up career. Pony Pit, a role that helped, though not be a vision, to bring to a wider audience.

Two years later, however, Dunsworth got the job that would help explain him for the rest of his career. He became involved in a television version of the cult film Trailer Park Boys and continued in that role for the rest of his life.

Dunsworth became a major staple on Canadian television, not only sharing the hilarious chops he presented on the show that made him famous but showcasing his classic training with more dramatic roles.

It may never have received much publicity Trailer Park Boys, but his resume speaks for itself. Dunsworth continued to work as Lahey until he recovered from an undiagnosed illness in 2017.

However, three years after his death, his work is alive as a result of his work Trailer Park Boys.

Jim Lahey vs. John Dunsworth

Lahey at Dunsworth was an alcoholic character who was crass, raw, and always getting in trouble. However, Dunsworth was nothing like this. When Lahey was drinking alcohol like he was not at all, Dunsworth was drinking frozen tea. The degenerate Lahey and the even-keeled Dunsworth helped show how established the actor was.

This is why it was popular with fans. It was funny, but Dunsworth ‘s training also added a sense of authenticity to the often rusty series. In one of his last interviews before he died, Dunsworth talked about why the character felt so popular with so many people and how he decided to play it off from his training to create a funny but true picture. put on.

Why were people so fond of Jim Lahey?

Dunsworth was asked what Trailer Park Boys he was in one of his last interviews with Magazine style. For him, while the show was a successful comedy that would often take things for granted, at heart, it was all about real people.

“It’s a story of losers, but they are heroic losers,” Dunsworth said (by all styles). “They show the weakness of people. And it’s so successful that it makes people look, amazed that everyone in the show is foolisher than they are. ”

To strike this balance, Dunsworth said he often had fun taking things too seriously and making sure every action had a point as well as a mindless smile.

“I’m accused of being too much of a Pollyanna,” Dunsworth said (by all styles). “I tell people the strong winds are blowing counterclockwise and you have to turn your back on it and take advantage. ”

Dunsworth may not be a household name for those who didn’t look like Jim Lahey, but he’s an integral part of the show three years after his death, and the team has continued to work with him through retroactive photography ever since.

Jim Lahey may have been an alcohol cheater, but the man behind him was an amazing actor who helped make such a despicable comic source into a character that people could relate to. This is probably what everyone misses most.

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