Tom Hiddleston Is the Perfect Loki: ‘Can’t See Anyone Else Playing Him’

Some actors are inseparable from the main profession. Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker. Christian Bale and Batman. Peter Stewart and Dr. Xavier. Although all three men have had long, distinguished careers, many people always associate them with the named parts. The same can be said for Tom Hiddleston. With his talent and versatility, Marvel fans will always associate him with Loki ‘s character.

We’ll take a closer look at Hiddleston’s upcoming series, how the career changed his career, and why he makes the Loki perfect.

What will the Disney + ‘Loki’ series be about?

Disney + Series Loki picking up where Avengers: Endgame leave it off. There’s still a bit of mystery surrounding the show, but a teaser trailer has revealed some details. It looks as if Loki, having escaped SHIELD captivity, embarks on a multi-genre adventure / adventure journey through the run of the show.

One scene from the teaser is where he appears as if he had stepped into the place of the infamous thief DB Cooper, jumping out of a plane.

Marvel embraces the idea of ​​multitasking, which combines timelines and history. Audiences saw this in Avengers: Endgame, and it seems to play a part in many of Marvel’s upcoming builds. Loki also seems to be playing in this sandbox.

How Loki changed Tom Hiddleston’s career

Hiddleston was largely unaware when he was replaced by Loki in 2011 Thor. Since then, it has acquired many other prominent parts. It was thrown as a lead in Kong: Skull Island and also in the AMC drama The Night Manager.

There is no question that his time in the MCU has given him the most iconic position, however. Hiddleston has truly established itself as one of the standouts in the entire cinematic universe. Not only has he starred in the Thor films, but he was also the antagonist in the 2012 superhero team progressive film The Avengers.

It’s hard to think of anyone else as Loki, but Marvel looked at other actors. according to Rant Screen, at one point they were considering Josh Hartnett for the position. While Hartnett is a talented player who could have done a lot with the role, Hiddleston really made himself stand out with his accomplishments.

Why Tom Hiddleston is the perfect Loki

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston | Slaven Vlasic / Getty Pictures

The show is one of the most anticipated new franchises to appear in the MCU. Fans can’t wait for Hiddleston to see the character. In a Reddit thread talking about Hiddleston’s performance, one fan noted that there is no other actor who could think of in this post:

“Tom definitely makes the character. No one else can see it being played. Loki is his devil’s hatred. “

Marvel has done such a wonderful job throwing out its duties, but even amidst a sea of ​​great actors, Hiddleston stands out. More than almost any other member of this universe (except perhaps Robert Downey, Jr.), it is impossible to imagine anyone in this role outside of Hiddleston.

It combines the sad, devilish nature of the character with the look of the fun actor. He’s the audience’s favorite character, to the point where he died Avengers: Infinity War this was a sad sad time despite its previous sadness.

What role will Hiddleston play in the MCU? He is in for at least one quarter of Loki, although a second season has not yet been confirmed. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him go back in one of the MCU movies or other streaming series, though. The character (and the actor) is certainly popular enough to warrant extra looks in other buildings.

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