‘Tiny Pretty Things’: Brennan Clost Explains Why Shane’s Backstory Felt ‘Autobiographical’

Netflix’s Tiny Things – which feels a bit similar pretty little Liars meeting Gossip Girl meeting Meat and Bone – following a group of students at a competitive ballet school. A whodunnit murder report lies at the top of the contest, drama, sex, and scandal at the center of the show.

Brennan Clost of Tiny Pretty Things Netflix
Actor Brennan Clost attends 3rd Annual International Emmy Kids Awards at the Lighthouse | Mark Sagliocco / FilmMagic

In the series every threat is twofold – actors boast both real dance chops and acting skills. Instead of throwing dancers for their fill – with cameras hovering tightly over the lower body for dance shots – the show chose individuals who could do both. As for one of those people, Brennan Clost features Shane. The actor is a Juilliard degree – from a class of just 12 men – who knows what it’s like to find a family in career enemies, so the experience was very reasonable for the actor .

Shane is a gay ballet dancer from a poor background who wants to fulfill his dream and find love along the way … if his inner doubts can stay out of the way. Talking to Opinion, Clost explained why it relates to his character relatively intensely.

Brennan Clost on relating to his character Shane in ‘Tiny Pretty Things’

Shane told Attitude that he identified himself in Shane (although he read for Oren first). He said:

“A lot of Shane’s background felt very autobiographical to me: he was described as this hot-headed scrapper who was tormented growing up for his love of dancing. For me, that feels very true because I grew up in a smaller town – more interestingly, I would say – [and] I was really bullied for being a male dancer. “

Clost | Opinion

Clost explained that when he finally moved to New York City to attend Juilliard, he found his people – people who thought and felt and dreamed like him. He said:

“And when I moved away to Juilliard I was finally surrounded by like-minded people and it was a real opportunity for me to succeed and find out who I am.”

Clost | Opinion

Playing Shane was a challenge for Clost

Clost explained that he was opposed to “resitance” when playing Shane – met parts of his past problems and personal identities; so he had to face these difficulties and get over it in order to introduce the character enough. Clost said:

“Really, there was a lot about Shane’s story during the challenging season for me: it made me go against a lot of challenge points within myself that I had to overcome to do justice to the character . I remember some days standing in my trailer in a skirt with layers and eyelashes and getting emotional and scared to go out and work, because those are things I would have tried to grow up with, but I got bullied so badly. ”

Clost | Opinion

Since Clost applied to play Shane, many people at home have a motivating factor, who struggles with the same situations – a character to turn to and connect with. As Clost told Attitude, “The young Brennans are thrilled to see this character on TV – I needed this character on TV. ”

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