Timothy Olyphant Improvised This 1 Line in ‘The Good Place’

In The good place, Maya Rudolph ‘s character, Judge Gen, is pleased with actor Timothy Olyphant. The fourth and final season of the show is now available on Netflix, and fans are discovering that Olyphant is actually making a cameo. The good place. According to creator Michael Schur, Olyphant ‘s comedy time was incredible and the improv actor made one of his lines.

How the cameo became ‘The Good Place’

While there were a number of actors who could come forward The good place, Schur felt that Olyphant was the right choice. In an interview with Web TV, Schur explained why the show chose Olyphant.

“We knew we were going to get to this program where they desperately needed her attention, and the solution was, after four years of talking about being Click on TV, keep a TV star that would stand there like eye candy and would buy them time…, ”Schur said.

He continued, “Mark Harmon was picked up in the room as an option, but Tim was the first one we thought of, partly because I know a little bit, and I know who he is, he was i think there was a good chance it would. ”

Schur told TVLine he then called Olyphant to see if he was watching The good place and ask to appear in a program. After Olyphant agreed to make the cameo, Schur said the writers wrote it so that Olyphant and his character Raylan Givens from Justification as the usual crush of Judge Gen.

Timothy Olyphant lined up ‘The Good Place’

In the program of The good place, Olyphant did not just sit there to keep the Judge ‘s focus. He also interacted with the other characters as they explained their plan for The Afterlife, sometimes even questioning their plan.

“… That was the real creative breakdown of the comedy writers’ room, which was: It shouldn’t stand there. It should start to cause them trouble, which made us laugh, ”Schur told TVLine.

It turns out that one of the funniest moments in the event happened because Olyphant made a line.

“No, honestly, we used literally every line we wrote for him. And then also, he did one funny little improv, and that’s when Eleanor says, ‘Good question, Timothy Olyphant,’ and he says, ‘Tim is good. ‘ [Laughs] That’s exactly what he was preparing for at that time, which was very enjoyable, ”said Schur. “It’s so funny. But we used literally every minute we had. ”

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