This Wild Theory Has ‘Friends’ Characters Represent the 7 Deadly Sins

Friends fans have one crucial thing.

No matter how many times they’ve seen the same episodes of the Emmy-winning series, they love to watch them over and over again because of nostalgia. In addition, marathon sessions lead to the discovery of new details about NBC’s love comedy even more than 15 years after the deadline.

There’s a good chance the series creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane didn’t expect Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey to represent the seven deadly sins. However, a closer look confirms that their personalities fit perfectly.

How are those six Friends match pride, greed, lust, envy, shouting, anger, and salvation? It’s simple when you think about it.

Friends throw
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Monica commits a sin of pride

In Christianity, the seven deadly sins deal with common viruses that people encounter every day. It is believed that everything wrong can be categorized into these specific categories. The first is the sin of pride, which is very fitting for Monica.

With her strong competitive streak that appears several times in the series, including when she and Rachel line up their apartment during trivia (“The Competition”), it is it is clear that Monica is having a hard time accepting her own shortcomings. So it makes sense that she would be so proud of the original.

Joey is the smartest of the group

Anyone who has even seen one program of Friends know Joey loves food. The running beak in the group would have been if he had linked up with Monica, a professional chef, he probably would have gained a lot of weight from eating so much.

From his usual phrase, “Joey doesn’t share food! ”To his love of sandwiches and wearing maternity pants to make room for a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s clear that Joey represents gluttony in the main.

Ross has a problem with anger

The sin of anger can also be classified as anger and out of the six Friends castmates, Ross is an example of this feature.

He is notorious for going over small complaints and screaming tantrums. In one memorable program, Ross turns at his boss for stealing and then throws away his favorite sandwich from the company fridge. As a result of this anger, Ross is taking leave.

If one matches the sin of wrath, it is Ross.

Chandler shows signs of sloth

The deadly sin in a sloth is about more than just laziness, although that is a big part of it. A person usually does not move quietly from a psychologist and has no interest in life. This description matches Chandler, who lives a great job and never wants more out of life.

It’s true that Chandler falls in love with Monica but that’s more of a mutual understanding than effort. And who can forget about the time when attractive Monica tries to incorporate Chandler into a healthy fitness workout? Like a real sloth, he would rather go back to bed.

Rachel represents greed

When Rachel reconnects with Monica, she’s not sure how to become an adult. Having grown up spoiled and then almost marrying a rich man, she is not used to working hard or paying her own way. Even after learning difficult facts, Rachel still occasionally falls back on old habits of relevance and selfishness.

She is a workshop and in relationships, she can be needy too. Rachel has plenty of lust even if she matures over ten seasons.

Phoebe’s sexual clarity leads to lust

The sin of lust can be extreme or subtle. For Phoebe, it means admitting to more experimental sexual experiences, which she often describes in graphic fashion. Overall, Phoebe is the most unusual character and she often talks about her life before she enters the Friends group.

From living on the streets to getting hepatitis from a pimp licking her mouth, it’s clear that Phoebe has seen some things. And she represents lust more than the others.

Gunther is most jealous

Gunther and Ross on Friends
Gunther and Ross on ‘Friends’ Danny Feld / NBCU Photo Bank

There are six Friends and seven sins, meaning that at least one high school character must stand in for the final deadly west. The manager at Central Perk is deeply in love with Rachel and is jealous of her boyfriends, especially Ross. He is also jealous of the six Friends and the companion because he is always on the outside.

However, the theory that Gunther always keeps the court so they can sit there means he won’t let jealousy get in the way too much.

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