This Christmas Movie Is the Longest-Running TV Special in History

Christmas time is famous for the abundance of visuals, from streaming movies, to cable TV specials. While many holiday movies are classic classics, what’s the longest running TV show ever?

Which Christmas movie is the longest running TV special ever?

Christmas Dinner
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according to Wire Geek, the special holiday Rudolph the Reindeer it is “the longest running special program at the highest level in the history of television.”

The Christmas film was a “real hit” for 1964, “watched by 55% of television viewers” the year it came out.

Iris Smithsonian it confirmed Christmas special rating, reporting that Rudolph “It has become so big that it has been re-broadcast every year since, making it the longest running Christmas in history.”

In the last few years, Rudolph the Reindeer they have yet to achieve advanced standards amid stiff competition. Fon iris:

… Cuin Rudolph the Reindeer aired on CBS in 2016, he beat all but one show This is us. In 2017, more viewers were looking inward Rudolph na Christmas Charlie Brown, run on ABC in the same time slot.

‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ is a holiday tradition

As Geek Wire argued, it had lasting success Rudolph TV has made a special Christmas tradition for many families. Rudolph the Reindeer, the publication said, “it became a scene akin to holiday comforts such as pumpkin pie, the smell of pine and a post-apothecary egg.”

Rick Goldschmidt, the magazine’s “official historian of Rankin / Bass Productions,” the production company behind it Rudolph, told the Smithsonian that the special characters of Christmas and the ever-relevant story have made it a must-have for several generations of children – goes to the film’s screenwriter, Romeo Muller.

“Romeo wrote these characters as sub-pages that are not at all appropriate in the world,” Goldschmidt explained. “By the end of the show, they will win, and the criminals will be rehabilitating most of the time. They are wonderful stories. ”

Christmas special is unique for its story and characters

Rudolph the Reindeer
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