‘The Young and the Restless’: Marla Adams Breaks Down Her Last Day on Set as Dina Abbott Mergeron

The young man and the rest star Marla Adams completed an iconic run as Dina Abbott Mergeron on the show. She talked about how her last day went in a recent interview.

Marla Adams
Marla Adams | Earl Gibson III / WireImage

Marla Adams shook years of story as Dina Abbott Mergeron

On display, Dina is the first wife of John Abbott. Her mother is Jack, Ashley, and Traci Abbott. Adams was exhibited in the 1980s and performed regularly from 1983 to 1986.

She continued to present shows for guests at various times before returning to the show in a recurring role beginning in 2017. Appearing on the show several times between then and now, there was a story- obvious news when Dina has developed Alzheimer’s disease, which happened in her recent years on display. This was the main line of the show’s story for the Abbott family.

When she returned to her production after being postponed due to a pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, the show began preparing to bless Dina, and now, the character has gone far beyond.

“I was moved back home after this, and I felt very special, and it was just amazing to me,” she said. I had written Josh Griffith [head-writer and co-executive producer] ‘thanks’ for writing the show with his amazing people, but I never heard back, but when I walked into my apartment, the phone rang. Who do you think? It’s Josh! He said, ‘I waited until I knew you would be home to thank you,’ and I felt so happy, I couldn’t believe it. I want to read you something I found in the wonderful flowers that came the next day from CBS Daytime executive Margot Wain and others. The flowers were so big they didn’t fit on the bar! ”

Fans are hoping this isn’t Adams ’last look at the show and that she could continue to return on the ghost as Dina’s ghost in the same way Jerry Douglas did for a long time with John Abbott.

The young man and the rest weekly air on CBS.

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