‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Want a More Exciting Storyline For Sharon

The young and the rest he is best known for using a life-threatening illness and tragic death to move the story. Over the years, fans have seen their favorite characters come and go. Fan Sharon Newman was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and fans are anything but happy with the angle. Fans are now calling for Sharon to be given a more interesting story.

Sharon ‘s Case Leon Bennett / Getty Images

Sharon is not the ‘usual romantic guide’

In 1995, Sharon was introduced to fans as Nicholas Newman ‘s love interest. Nick and Sharon married and had a son named Noah. They also captured Sharon’s daughter, Cassie. Their marriage always had problems, including disloyalty from both parties.

After Cassie died in an accident, Nick cheated on Sharon with Phyllis, and as a result their 11-year marriage was canceled. After her marriage to Nick fell apart, Sharon left the City of Genoa for a seemingly unnamed city to kill herself. She meets a man named Cameron Kirsten. The two black out for a while and Sharon returns to Genoa City but does not say where she was.

Cameron arrives in town for business apparently with Newman Enterprise. He finishes Sharon’s stalking and handles it to meet him at a motel. They get into a physical change, and Sharon hits him on the head with a bottle.

Believing him dead, she drives around with his body in stock, looking for a place to throw his body. Cameron is brought back to health, and police are investigating Sharon in connection with Cameron’s disappearance. Cameron then admits that he killed Cassie’s birth father and put his body in Sharon’s coffin. As he goes to jail, Sharon gets a confirmation from what she did.

She then married Nick’s father, Victor, and took over the company. After burning his runway, Sharon was reported bipolar. Sharon then married Jack Jackott, whom she eventually divorced. When she married Jack, she had a relationship with Nick, and as a result Faith was born.

Nick ‘s brother Adam then kidnapped Faith into making Sharon believe she was dead. After Faith reveals Adam’s salvation and transgressions, Sharon still chooses to be with him. Fans and critics alike have described Adam and Sharon’s relationship as “very dark.”

Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer

Recent titles of The Young and the Restless it brought light to Sharon’s sense of breast cancer. Sharon took the news well and chose to process the details of her judgment on her own before letting loved ones know. However, she left Adam out, and this could have stopped him. Sharon has been Adam’s therapist for some time now despite how bad her family was. She has also helped Adam’s son to get through the difficulties he had faced.

Sharon’s relationship with Rey, however, seems to be going well. After Rey found out about the diagnosis, he made sure Sharon didn’t feel alone during this time. Sharon’s doctor told her that the tumor had grown, meaning she needed surgery to get rid of it. The show’s writers seem to have delayed a breast cancer diagnosis story to stress her condition. Sharon is currently doing much better, and fans can’t wait to see her get back to tiptop health.

Fans want a more interesting story for Sharon

Ged Y&R fans seem to have liked how the show took its time to study Sharon ‘s illness, a proportion of fans would have preferred a more interesting – and less engaging – story. Some Twitter fans of the show raised their views about cancer diagnosis, saying they wanted the show to have used a stronger storytelling for Sharon.

Some of the stories that go around include breaking up with Rey, helping his daughter Mariah out, or changing careers or jobs. However, the general consensus from the majority of fans seemed to be that their need for Sharon’s news story was less difficult to obtain.

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