‘The X-Files’: The Real Reason Kumail Nanjiani Stopped Doing His Podcast, ‘The X-Files Files’

Kumail Nanjiani was one of the biggest public fans of the X-Files, the popular ’90s TV show about FBI agents who were foreign hunters and government conspiracies. He even recorded a podcast about it The X-Files. Why did Nanjiani stop? The X-Files?

Why did Kumail Nanjiani stop recording ‘The X-Files’ after 57 programs?

Kumail Nanjiani at the premiere of X-Files
Kumail Nanjiani at the premiere of Fox’s The X-Files Season 10 on January 12, 2016 | Portraits of Albert L. Ortega / Getty

Nanjiani is a comedian, an actress (famous for HBO’s Silicon Valley and the Netflix rom-com Birds of love) and writer (famous for co-writing the Oscar-nominated screenplay The Great Disease with his wife about their relationship). In July, 2014, a podcast about one of his favorite shows ever began, The X-Files.

Appropriate title The X-Files, Nanjiani invited guests to chat about each episode of the beloved sci-fi show. Some of the guests were X-Files top fans, like himself, but the comedian got interviews with some former writers and members of the series.

However, the podcast ended abruptly near the beginning of 2016.

The last sections of The X-Files available on the various podcast platforms from January 16. The last two X-Files the events that Nanjiani covers Episode 17 and 18 at Season 4, “Tempus Fugit” and “Max. ”

The podcast guest ‘The X-Files’ joined the team in season 10

Clearly the podcast guest still has a love for the show; Nanjiani appeared in a 2016 program X-Files resumed, playing an animal control officer named Pasha. The comedian shared pictures of himself with Duchovny and Anderson on his social media, and one of the last episodes of his podcast was an interview with Anderson and Duchovny on the set of the series.

But why did Nanjiani stop recording her podcast? While The Great Sick star described in some earlyX-Files events that would not consider any events beyond season 6 of the series, fans may not have expected it to stop in the middle of season 4.

However, there may have been something at the end of the podcast to the actual fans who were listening to it.

“This is my favorite show ever,” Nanjiani told the YouTube guest. “I would do a podcast about it. There was a time in my life where I would do a podcast about it, and then I realized that’s awful. ”

What was so awful about doing the X-Files podcast? It turned out to be something he loved to do in action.

“Don’t make stuff you love to work with,” Nanjiani advised.

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