‘The Wire’: Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Has Been a Part of Some Other Incredible Productions

The average television and film viewer may not know who Lawrence Gilliard Jr. is. But once they see his face, they seem to recognize the actor from his fascinating work. To fans of The Wire, will always be D’Angelo Barksdale, a drug dealer from the streets of Baltimore. However, Gilliard ‘s influence on film and television is much deeper. Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in many popular productions on the big and small screens.

Life of Lawrence Gilliard Jr. ro ‘The Wire’

Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. | Monica Schipper / WireImage

Gilliard first appeared on screen in 1991 as Dennis Brown in the indie film Just out of Brooklyn, According to IMDb. Since then, he has built a resume for himself that goes against gender, medium and style. For the next decade after his debut, he appeared in the short series George, he had a guest arc New York Undercover, and appeared in other films including Money Train, Lotto domain, and The Federation.

Perhaps his most important role in the 90s was Derek Wallace, Adam Sandler’s friendly team player The water boy character. Gilliard maintained steady work in several projects until his advancement The Wire. From there, his career was never the same.

Time Lawrence Gilliard Jr. on ‘The Wire’

Barksdale was one of the original characters to be sold The Wire from get-go. Barksdale was a drug lord who controlled his housing project. After a confrontation with another vendor, Pooh Blanchard, Barksdale shot at his competitor and was arrested shortly thereafter. When the series began, he was in court for what happened but was released.

He pointed to his influence but quickly discovered it was not going to be easy. An ally of him was shot. Over the next two years, people saw all aspects of Barksdale’s life expand. From family life with his son to criminal enterprise work, Barksdale was a man who was willing to do anything necessary to get ahead.

He rose to power because of this, but refused to cooperate with the authorities at the end of the first season and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. While Barksdale managed to keep his job alive in prison, he was finally deceived after Stringer Bell Idris Elba was silent before he could reveal any dirty mysteries.

Barksdale may have been a criminal, but so were so many other characters The Wire, he was still working on a strict moral code. The show showed a different side of Gilliard from the one that Sandler fans saw inside The water boy, and remains a diligent performer in a wide range of memorable careers to this day.

Gilliard’s life after ‘The Wire’

Gilliard turned on him The Wire he got a better job for him almost immediately. He appeared in acclaimed films, e.g. The Machinist, while guests appear on introductory shows CSI: NY and Law & Order: Criminal Intent let him expand the roots with which he planted The Wire. He recently found more success on television, appearing as Bob in three seasons of the walking Dead and played an important role in the HBO series The Deuce.

The Wire many of his hunting members contributed higher levels of stardom, including Gilliard, Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Michael K. Williams, and several other actors. However, it was just part of his success. A look at Gilliard’s complete resume showing an actor who can’t stretch himself. That’s why he still gets a job years after leaving the series. His footprint is wide-ranging, impressive, and a testament to one who has seen his craft.

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