‘The Wilds’: Why Gretchen Klein Looks So Familiar

Amazon’s The Wilds This is an impressive driver following a group of teenage girls from diverse backgrounds who find themselves on a remote island. The show has been at the forefront of critical and audience engagement, as it captures the complexity of a teenager without looking into a melodrama. The Wilds balancing enough multi-character arcs – and the effects of adolescence within a very early social test narrative.

Rachel Griffiths from the Wilds
Raonaid Griffiths Gregg DeGuire

The show stars Mia Healey, Erana James, Helena Howard, Sophia Taylor Ali, and more as teenage girls do all they can to survive. Rachel Griffiths features Gretchen Klein – one woman behind the horrific social experiment. However, if Griffith looks familiar, it is very likely due to two major television roles.

Rachel Griffiths played Brenda Chenowith in ‘Six Feet Under’

Before Michael C. Hall objected Dexter, he played one of the main characters in Sia Feet fo – the hilarious HBO show watched death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who owned a funeral home in LA.

The ironic nature of the show and its dark comedy have captured audiences for the last few seasons, as did its catchy characters, one of whom is Brenda Chenowith. Brenda was the daughter of wealthy psychologist Margaret Chenowith and psychologist Bernard Chenowth… talked about an internal and external psychological study.

With Brenda being diagnosed with an IQ of 185 at a young age, a book was published about her – which went on to upset her as an adult, leading to much trauma. Brenda is in a bad romantic relationship with Nate Fisher – full of downs and downs – for much of the series. Her character added a much-needed level of depth and controversy to the show, advocating for atheism throughout the series while avoiding social norms surrounding romance and sex.

Rachel Griffiths played Sarah Walker in ‘Brothers & Sisters’

Brothers & Sisters – another family drama – run from 2006 to 2011. The show followed the Walker family, meeting a number of family challenges and struggles. Sally Fields played matriarch Nora Walker. Also featured were Dave Annable, Calista Flockhart, Luke MacFarlane, and more. Griffiths played Sarah Walker – a woman who finds love with a mysterious man and comes to embrace her father’s mistress.

Outside of those major shows, Griffiths also appeared Muriel’s Wedding, Ride Like a Girl, The Rookie, Hilary and Jackie, and more.

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