‘The Wilds’: What to Expect in Season 2 Based on the Premiere Season Finale

Amazon’s The Wilds first for critical and audience fame, exploring the depths of female adolescence through the survival story of social experimentation. The show is suspenseful, dramatic, and just twisty-turny enough to keep audiences on their toes. Given the large numbers of spectators and positive reception, the Wilds are likely to be updated for a second season in early 2021.

Amazon | Olly Curtis / Upcoming Through Getty Images)

If a second season is on the way, what should viewers expect based on the end of the season? Next up for this diverse group of girls and the mind behind the work – Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths). Based on the results, there appear to be a number of documentary tractors.

Although Griffith handled Nora, Nora remains to blame. Most of the second season follows Nora, as she walks a balance beam between the restoration of friendships among the other women and stays committed to her experimental cause.

The Twilight of Adam gets more exploration in season 2 of ‘The Wilds’

The show was easy to call Dawn Eve – marked after the test itself. But, instead, it is called The Wild, opens the door to another desert control test featuring a group of young men. Viewers are likely to see how the males have handled their situation – how have they proven leaders? How have they put together their resources? How have they survived?

Do the men have the character of Leah – a man who seems to have discovered the secret? Do the male and female babies cross paths? The show seems to intend to follow the men, clarifying the purpose for the test, and thus the entire series. Will both groups end up in the same place after the test? Will they work for a free break?

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