‘The Wilds’: Shelby and Toni’s Romance Surprised Mia Healey and Erana James

The new Amazon Prime Video show is full of interesting characters who struggle to work together while away from civilization. There is an amazing romance that grows between Shelby (Mia Healey) and Toni (Erana James). One of the actors talked about how it came as a surprise to them as well. [Warning spoilers for the end of The Wilds!]

‘The Wilds’ showed Shelby and Toni getting closer

Sometimes an actor knows where their character’s story is going, but that’s not always true. Healey and James had no idea that Shelby and Toni were going to fall for each one as they started the season.

“We got the scripts once every two weeks as we were filming, so we didn’t know from going out,” said James. Cinema Mix. “We had ink.”

She continued, “Mia and I are very close to the screen and have a lovely connection so hopefully, as there may be some connection. But yeah, I think when we read the script for program six, we were like yep, we’re building on something here and it picked up and it grew. ”

There will be a second season of The Wilds. Fans will have to wait to see what happens to Shelby and Toni.

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