‘The Waltons’: Where Is the Cast Now?

When The Waltons first aired on CBS in 1972, the world featured in the TV show could not be very different from what most people lived at the time. Set in rural Virginia, beginning at the time of the Great Depression, the story of this close-knit family took a look back at simpler times. It ran for nine seasons, and fans have found out what happened to the team when the show’s run came to an end. It turns out that some of the Waltons continued to act, while others opted out of life in the public eye.

(LR) Michael learned as Olivia Walton, Kami Cotler as Elizabeth Walton, Jon Walmsley as Jason Walton, Will Greer as Zeb Walton, Ralph Waite as John Walton, Eric Scott as Ben Walton, David Harper as Jim-Bob Walton, Judy Norton as Mary Ellen Walton, unknown, Mary McDonough as Erin Walton | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Where did the ‘Waltons’ come from?

according to Amomama, the exhibition was based on a book called Mount Spencer, written by Earl Hamner Jr. John-Boy’s character was based on Hamner, who expressed the narrative in the opening and closing sequences of each program. The Waltons showing a close family through the eyes of John-Boy, the eldest son. John-Boy was a writer, who recorded the events at home, where he lived with his parents, grandparents, and six sisters.

The show was set in fictional Jefferson County, Virginia, but was filmed in Los Angeles. The great views of mountains were filmed in the mountains of Hollywood. But while the backdrop was taken away from the rural landscape Virginia was supposed to represent, the family drama and the healthy lords were real to many viewers.

Some members remained in the public eye

People reports that Ralph Waite, played by John Walton Sr., continued to appear, appearing inside Roots, Days of Our Lives, and NCIS. He also ran for Congress twice, but lost both times. He died in 2014 at the age of 85. Waite’s wife, Olivia, played on screen, played by Michael Learned, appeared in an independent film and toured with a stage production of Driving Miss Daisy. John-Boy was played by Richard Thomas, who continued acting. He has appeared in a number of posts, recently NCIS: New Orleans.

Judy Norton was Mary-Ellen’s eldest sister, and according to MeTV, she broke away from that sweet image in 1985 by settling for Boy-game. She has tried her hand at several projects over the years, including directing community theater, releasing a record, and even breaking celestial records. Jon Walmsley, with the character Jason often playing guitar, followed music as an actor and composer. He also raised the voice of Christopher Robin in Disney Winnie the Pooh animated films.

Mary Elizabeth McDonough played Erin’s younger sister. Although she was involved in a number of careers in the years that followed, she focused largely on writing, publishing memorabilia of her time on the show as well as two novels.

Others chose a quieter life

When Eric Scott resigned as Ben, he stepped away from acting. Instead he chose to follow a business, helping run a messenger service called Chase Messenger. Kami Cotler played her spunky younger sister, but after the series ended she decided to work in education instead. Her career as a teacher actually took her at one time to rural Virginia, close to the area that was her original inspiration The Waltons.

David Harper, played by Jim-Bob, had a quiet, private life after the show was over. He did strange jobs, including working at the Scott messenger company for a while, then returned to school to study business and history.

The Waltons they showed a large, loving family as the children grew up and found their way in the world. It seems that, since the show came to an end, the actors involved have been doing the same thing on their own.

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