‘The Waltons’: This Cast Member Was Often Naked on the Set, Michael Learned and Eric Scott Confirm

The Waltons it was a whole family show, but it wasn’t always healthy behind the scenes. Some of the stars like Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby and Will Geer have died, while fellow shooters Michael Learned, Eric Scott and Richard Thomas share some of their bad stories.

The Waltons family
Back LR: Michael Learned, Richard Thomas and Ralph Waite Center LR: Jon Walmsley, Ellen Corby, Will Geer, Kami Cotler and David W. Harper Bottom LR: Judy Norton Taylor, Eric Scott and Elizabeth McDonough | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Learned, Scott and Thomas were part of a Waltons reunion for Stars in the House. Stars in the House raising money for Actors’ Fund, to help show business workers who are struggling to find work during the pandemic. This story of nudity on the set must have raised some contributions.

‘The Waltons’ star who always showed his buttons to Michael Learned

Everyone in The Waltons cast had nice things to say about Geer, who played The Grandfather. Geer stood up to Joseph McCarthy ‘s blacklist, planted Waltons’ yard and made new friends every day on set, according to the recruiters. He also loved to moon them.

Waltons Will Geer and Mary McDonough
Mary Elizabeth McDonough and Will Geer CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

“I all remember, when we made our first rounds of the table, we all had to pick up our spot at the table. I forgot who directed that program but we had to pick our spot. Of course, a fool that I was at the time, I chose a place between Kami Cotler and Will Geer. I sat down between the handsome seven – year – old and the sight – stealing machine that had been around. That was it. It was really like working with a crocodile. This was really bad stuff. ”

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