‘The Waltons’: Michael Learned Wanted Olivia to Be An Imperfect Perfect Mom

There is nothing better than a good, healthy family TV show The Waltons. The Waltons giving viewers such a fascinating insight into the struggles and effects of the Great Depression and World War II that most Americans today have not seen outside of textbooks. The book influenced the show Mount Spencer and author Earl Hamner Jr., who grew up in Virginia’s backyards and put his youth into the show. One of the biggest topics in The Waltons there is a family, and viewers have enjoyed imperfection. What fans don’t know – Olivia was originally meant to be described as a ‘perfect’ mother – until Michael Learned introduced it.

Michael learned as Olivia Walton | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

What were the ‘Waltons’ about?

The Waltons The TV show followed a lively family with a mother and father, grandparents, and six children. He has reported on opening and closing with ‘John-Boy’ when he is much older, although he is only about 17 when the first season begins. The family works together, struggles, and overcomes many obstacles from the Great Depression to the WWII. The family grows exponentially in the nine seasons of the show, with viewers watching the six children grow from careless, barefoot children to responsible adults. The Waltons giving viewers a fascinating insight into southern hospitality, family, and the impact of World War II on families in that era – as four children enlisted in the army as well as being deported by neighboring friends.

Despite first being published between 1972 and 1980, The Waltons He has always been highly valued for his dedication, time, and lessons and his commitment to the family and community. General Sense Media analysts say today, “These are the kind of shows we need today! ”And“ Almost all programs have an important lesson on family values ​​and social responsibility. ”

Olivia’s role in the Waltons

Olivia is the wife of John Walton and the mother of six children – Jason, Mary-Ellen, Jim-Bob, John-Boy, Ben, and Elizabeth. She is a very pious man who could shout from the Bible at the fall of the hat. And while she goes to church, she respects her husband’s right to choose his own path (not without trying, of course!).

She was also very much in favor of her family, kind, mother and compassionate. She may be the sweetest person you will ever meet, but you will not put up with misbehavior, violence, and bad manners. If she felt she had to, she also strongly believed in punishment when the children misbehaved. She is a huge representation of mothers (even today) concerned about their family, finances, life and community.

Who Learned and How She Inspired Creator / Writer Earl Hamner Jr.

Michael Learned, also known as ‘Miss Michael Learned’ in the opening credits, played his loving mother, Olivia. She brought to life a true version of The Great Depression and a WWII mother who is passionate and dedicated to her family but who refuses to hear or discuss the war her sons have been an integral part of. However, we almost got a chance to see this imperfect perfect mother on screen, and it wouldn’t be like that!

according to MeTV, an interesting fact about it The Waltons and that Learned pushes Earl Hamner Jr. to make Olivia more perfect than expected. They report in an interview with Smashing Interview Magazine where Learned says, “I think that was part of the show’s charm that we weren’t perfect – at least not in the first two years.”

She tells Hamner, “Olivia must have made a mistake and punished the wrong child or something a little more human.” Since Hamner set up the show on his childhood, Learned asked Hamner, “Earl, didn’t your mother ever do anything wrong? He told her “no” but, fortunately, he agreed to allow some misconceptions to be included.

This isn’t the only time an actor has made a huge impact on their career, but it’s certainly a key factor in the show’s development. The Waltons it might not be the same without Michael Learned, and viewers may have a more impractical family experience. While Hamner’s mother may be ‘perfect,’ many may agree that this kind of thing is impractical for most families.

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