‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Had ‘The Biggest Crush’ on John-Boy Walton Actor Richard Thomas When They First Met

Richard Thomas and Judy Norton played Brother and Sister on the popular CBS series The Waltons. But the actress who portrayed Mary-Ellen Walton admits she had a bit of a crush on her brother on screen when they first met. In a recent video, Norton opened up about her feelings about Thomas (played by John-Boy Walton on the show) and what it was like to work with him. The Waltons.

Judy Norton admits she put pressure on Richard Thomas

The Waltons were thrown in 1972
The Waltons thrown in 1972 | Copyright CBS Broadcasting Inc. Credit All Rights Reserved: CBS Photo Archive

The Waltons it showed a whole, American family living during the Great Depression. And the love audience that saw TV on screen was not just an act. Throwing members are closely related to the present day.

“It was like a family. We still are, ”Thomas said in an interview in 2019 with an Australian television program Studio 10. “We stay in touch. He said, “We love each other very much.”

Although Thomas – who won an Emmy for his work on it The Waltons – we finally decided to explore different career opportunities, that didn’t mean it was easy to leave.

“It was really, really sad,” Thomas said in a 2019 interview with the Television Academy. “I loved everyone, and it was awesome to leave. It was as if he were leaving home. He was leaving home. My slate is from my last photo of that show, which was a close closure for me. I have it in a frame, the last scene. It was really sad … I think people felt betrayed. ”

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