‘The Waltons’ Cast Members Got Burned Filming the House Fire Episode

One of the symbolic events of The Waltons seeing the family house burn down. Everyone in the family is alive, and it was a responsible stunt series on the Warner Brothers crap. However, some members escaped from that episode of the classic TV show only to be close to the fire.

The Waltons
Lead LR: Eric Scott, Mary McDonough, Earl Hamner executive producer, Jon Walmsley, David Harper Bottom LR: Kami Cotler, Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, Judy Norton | CBS through Getty Images

The Waltons stars Michael Learned, Richard Thomas, Eric Scott, Judy Norton and Kami Cotler are back Stars in the House to raise money for Actors’ Fund. They considered the incident of fire, and the divisions of battle they were suffering for.

Eric Scott announces ‘The Waltons’ fire ‘free for all’

Scott was a child of him The Waltons. The setting for the fake TV fire put him first.

“They brought in pipes with flames that would come out, almost like a fireplace,” said Scott. “They put all the door frames around. I remember they had to take our nightgowns with them and put out a fire. ”

They may not use enough safety fluids on Learned clothing.

“I was caught on fire,” she said.

Waltons dinner table
LR front row: Michael Learned, Kami Cotler, Ralph Waite, Eric Scott, Judy Norton Taylor and Mary McDonough LR back row: Jon Walmsley, Will Geer, David Harper and Tom Bower | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

“I remember those visitors being there because people around the lottery knew we were going to film the fire series outside that afternoon,” Norton said. “Behind almost a roped-off field, dozens of people, visitors were standing, watching this happen. It seemed like all those people came from? We have a lot. ”

Kami Cotler and Richard Thomas felt the psychological impact

Cotler was the youngest actor in the scene. She remembered that she had lost herself in an instant.

“This is the only time I’ve ever cried for reality on screen,” Cotler said. “It was then that Ralph was [Waite] coming out of the house carrying Mary, Erin, in her arms. Just for that moment it was real, just for a blow and I started to cry honestly. ”

Thomas agreed that there was little acting when they watched Waltons house burn.

“I remember standing there in the driveway, all of us watching our home go up in flames,” said Thomas. “It simply came to our notice then. It was completely instantaneous. There was no gap between what I was looking at and my feelings for home and for everyone. He was very strong, very, very strong. ”

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