‘The View’: Meghan McCain Says It’s Been ‘Rough’ Returning to The Show

Meghan McCain has just returned to The Vision after extended maternity leave. While McCain was desperate to give birth to his young daughter Liberty, who was born on September 28, she got back into the series much warmer and tighter after that.

Now, McCain is becoming honest about the tensions between her and some of her constellations and how challenging it has been to return to the show as someone whose ideas often go hand in hand. against her fellow guests.

It was for this reason that she said she returned to The Vision has been rough.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Heidi Gutman / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Meghan McCain is no stranger to controversy

As an unusual curator of the show, McCain is no stranger to controversy. She often fights with her peers for her ideas. However, among the pandemic and quarantine pandemics, cases have only gained more weight. The Vision.

Insider told E! News although McCain and the likes of Joy Behar were never friends, filming the show didn’t help speed things up. “He has always had a sense of family behind the scenes The Vision, but it has been more difficult to maintain that companionship among the show’s guests as they do the show remotely, ”said the internal messenger.

Meghan McCain has already joined her co-guest ‘The View’ after returning from maternity leave

After maternity leave, McCain was desperate to return to work. “Thank you for your work at The Vision and the privilege of (trying to) speak on behalf of conservatives in America, ”McCain tweeted. “That being said – a week back from my warm bubble maternity leave. Going to do nothing but chew Liberty all weekend and count my blessings. ” However, her first week did not go back as smoothly as she had hoped.

On her return, amid a heated exchange about Trump’s political party, Behar told McCain, “I didn’t. I didn’t miss you. Zero.”

Later, Whoppi Goldberg cut off McCain as she continued to press the Rev. Raphael Warnock on election of Democrats packing the courts. Commercially cut the presentation by the moderator.

Meghan McCain says her return to ‘The View’ has been rough

McCain was ready to return to the ceremony the day before Election Day 2020. However, due to some unforeseen difficulties, her maternity leave was extended. So she returned to work in early January 2021. However, it has not been smooth sailing.

While looking at it Watch what’s happening live, guest Andy Cohen asked her about the tension on the series. “So it’s been such a rough reentry back in The Vision, ”She admitted. “I had a hard time getting back to work – I thought I would be back with the election. … It has been many. ”

McCain also said she hopes she and her fellow guests will find common ground. “We all have to live and live together, just like Americans right now, which is a bit deep to answer,” she explained. “But we’re all going to try to live together, and I really want us all to move forward.”

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