‘The Stand’ Star Odessa Young Helped Stephen King Fix His 40-Year-Old Regret Over Frannie Goldsmith

Odessa Young will play Frannie Goldsmith in the CBS All Access remake The Stand. In the great Stephen King story, Frannie is already pregnant when the plague wipes out most of humanity. She joins the defenders in Boulder, Colorado. They must still stand against Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgard) and the forces he gathers in Las Vegas.

Odessa Young san stand
Odessa Young | James Minchin / CBS

Young spoke to reporters about Zoom on Dec. 3. She explained how Frannie helped the King correct what he always saw as a lack of The Stand. Recent events of The Stand premiered Thursday on CBS All Access.

Odessa Young became acquainted with ‘The Stand’ after taking on the role of Frannie Goldsmith

Young admitted she only read The Stand after the ceremony she put on as Frannie. The actress said Frannie ‘s quirks and idiosyncrasies were the real reason she started acting.

The stand: Odessa Young
Odessa Young | Robert Falconer / CBS

Which was a real gift and something King always said, he always feels a little remorseful about Frannie not getting that position, her position, her chance to stand up to evil. I think without revealing anything, it’s so exciting for me as an actor and as a fan of Stephen King to be able to say oh my god, I played Frannie Goldsmith with a new King writing that I haven’t seen or heard of no one ever before. A 40-year-old King can still say, ‘I’m going to update it again to reflect those things’ that he thinks and wants and sees for those characters. I love how alive this whole story is. ”

Odessa Young, Zoom round table, 12/3/2020

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