The ‘Sopranos’ Creator Thinks Carmela Could’ve Burned Tony Even Better on the Subject of Furio

Of the memorable subplots The Sopranos, the extended flirtation between Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco) and Furio Giunta (Federico Castelluccio) are among the most interesting. And much of the mind was concerned with practical concerns.

To begin with, you need to think about how such a connection would proceed. Would the couple be able to get around behind the back of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini)? Given Tony ‘s seriousness on this issue, it is possible. Problems would be more likely from someone outside to show the couple.

But that picture of Furio and Annalisa happily together surprised you if Furio hadn’t tried out such a connection with the master’s wife back in Naples. As it turned out, Carmela and Furio’s thing isn’t going anywhere, even though Furio was thinking of cutting Tony up in a flying machine.

After Furio left, Carmela used her emotions as a way to lift Tony up in an argument in the last 4 season, “Whitecaps.” Looking back, Sopranos Creator David Chase said he wished Carmela had gone a step further in that conversation.

‘Sopranos’ creator David Chase wished he had inspired Carmela to Tony later in ‘Whitecaps’

Edie Falco and Federico Castelluccio
Actors Edie Falco (L) and Federico Castelluccio will attend the premiere of Season 2 “Boardwalk Empire” in 2011. | D Images of Dipasupil / Getty

With “Whitecaps,” Furio has left New Jersey and returned to Naples. Early in the program, Carmela gets a call from Tony’s deputy mistress, who tells Carmela that Tony has been sleeping with her cousin (the ‘mistress’). Carmela is just about to explode after that, and wants to part.

Later, Carmela wants to turn the tables on Tony. When he says she is only getting married for their material wealth, she calls him “hate” and tells him a little story. “The past year, I have been dreaming and fantasizing and in love with Furio,” she says. That gets Tony’s attention.

First of all, he thinks it’s a joke. But she continues. “Every morning when he came to pick you up, I would look forward to it all night. In bed, by your side, ”she said, as Tony understands it’s true. “[Furio] there would be a doorbell. I felt like my heart was coming out of my chest. He would laugh, and we would talk. “

Then Carmela comes to the punch line. “You would come downstairs. And I felt like someone was sick with a terminal illness, and somehow they got forgotten for a minute. And then it they will all come back. ”Tony is moving out at that point. But Chase thought Carmela could have gone further.

Carmela Soprano would say she would masturbated to Furio if Chase could make ‘Whitecaps’ over

Federico Castelluccio with James Gandolfini
Federico Castelluccio, Vincent Pastore and James Gandolfini | KMazur / WireImage

on the Sopranos talking podcast, Chase walked through some of his memories of creating and making the show years ago. He mentioned “The Ride” as one of the events he thought was something of the time.

Referring to “Whitecaps,” Chase said he remembered the hunt. “I remember being on stage at, like, 2:30 in the morning when [Gandolfini and Falco] I did that, ”he said. “It was just incredible.” But that made him think of a way in which he could have done it in a different way.

“What she should have said – instead of ‘I’ve been dreaming and wishing and… about Furio’ – she should have said, get [Tony], ‘I have been dreaming and masturbating and blah blah blah, ”Chase said. “But it’s too late.”

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